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Baptism, error in original

Blacktin, John (of Sheffield, born 1833-12-18).
Baptised November 3, 1833, by Wm Harris at Sheffield Parish Church, Church Street, Sheffield.
Parents name(s) are Mary & John (Gardener).
Godparents: ~ :Page No 259 :Reg No 2070

I think it would be a good idea to add a note to this entry to say that the original entry does indeed suggest he was baptised 6 weeks before he was born :slightly_smiling_face:


Re: Baptism, error in original

Thanks Hugh for the Heads up. I have added a note.

Elaine in Ottawa.

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Re: Baptism, error in original

I had a similar problem with my Dad - Frank Hibbert - baptised before he was born according to the register - his date of birth was 11/10/1926 so perhaps a note on there could be added.

Re: Baptism, error in original

Hi Susan,

I have just checked the Baptisms out and it is correct.

When we built the site & database back in 2005 it was built by my fellow Canadians. Dates where entered YYYY-MM-DD in many cases.

Sorry about the confusion.


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Re: Baptism, error in original

My grandmother was also baptised before she was born. I suspect that her parents left it too late to register the birth without being fined, so altered her birth date to comply.

I don't think the Baptismal Register is wrong, as there are several baptisms recorded after my grandmother's, and before her registered date of birth.

The Baptismal Register records her baptism as on 12 November, and her date of birth as 29 October. Her date of birth when registered (on 12 December) is given as 3 November (ie before her baptism).