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Help deciphering a name

Thomas Halling (Hawling) Mountain married Mary Elizabeth (?) Gillot Parker on 27th Feb 1870 in Sheffield. The certificate is online but I cannot decipher one of Elizabeth's names. A transcription has it as " Methill" but her signature doesn't look like that to me. Can anyone help?

many thanks


Re: Help deciphering a name

Hi Jenny

Looks like the Parish Clerk has written Merrill, and the Bride could have signed Merriell (or just a badly written Merrill).

The transcriber seems to have mistaken the loop of the 'y' of 'Mary' on the line above as creating 'th'. But the loop actually drops down in between the 2 'rs'.

Her birth is only registered as Mary Elizabeth Gillott Parker.


Re: Help deciphering a name

Hi Denise

thanks for looking for me. I have just found her father's marriage and his middle name is MERRIL.

For some reason I had her father as William so couldn't find a marriage to someone called Gillot. Went back to the drawing board and discovered it was HENRY!

Thanks again


Re: Help deciphering a name


Is Thomas described as a dentist in the marriage lines? Because in all of the censuses he shows up as a plumber which is a fairly drastic career swerve, but why not I suppose.

Anyway, did you see that there’s a death notice in the Sheffield Evening Telegraph of Tuesday 16 February 1915 which calls him “Thomas Hawling”, died on 13 Feb at 39 Woodland St, "beloved husband of the late Mary Elizabeth Mountain”?

Then the Sheffield Daily Telegraph of Thursday 18 February 1915 says that Thomas H Mountain, of 39, Woodland Street was buried at the General Cemetery, Sheffield, on the 17 Feb 1915. Mourners included Mr and Mrs George Maxfield (son-in-law and daughter), Mr and Mrs C Mountain, Mr and Mrs Herbert Mountain, Mr and Mrs S Mountain, and Mr and Mrs H Mountain. Also there Messrs. E T Billam, J Senior, F Kirk, and U Ellin.


Andrew P.

Re: Help deciphering a name

Hi Andrew

thanks for your reply. I had noticed Thomas's occupation and thought it strange, but his father James was a painter, and a bookbinder and then became a dentist! I found several newspaper reports about him but I haven't seen the ones you found about Thomas, so many thanks for those.