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Lee Cameron

Hi after 52 years we have finally found out where my brother has been burried. Mum gave birth to him in 1969 and he was immediately taken away and never brought back. My parents have never really been able to grieve until now. Looking at the burial records he is burried with 25 babies and 3 adults. is this correct or could there be more in there. this a an unmarked grave too. we have been told we can lay flowers but we cannot put a memorial on it.

Re: Lee Cameron

Hi Lindsey,

I am sure that Bereavement Services would be more than willing to explaine the rules and regulations of these "Infant Burials areas"

City Road Cemetery manage I believe 16 of Sheffields Cemeteries.

Elaine in Ottawa.

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Re: Lee Cameron

Thank you for responding. yes ive been in touch with them and they have said all we can do is place flowers. it would just have been nice to make it into a grave and remember all that lay within it. Its so heartbreaking what was done back then.