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Edwin Broomhead

Hi My Family Tree shows Edwin Broomhead born abt 1892 St Silas.I don't know where I got this from. I've looked on this site and He's not in the Baptisms.
I'm trying to find his father although I suspect he might be illegitimate.
His mother was Eliza Broomhead,she had one illegitimate son John Arthur Broomhead but did marry twice to Arthur Edwin Hancock and after his death to Joseph Mappin.
Edwin died in WW1 22/08/17.It gives his mothers address in Hodgson St which is where she lived for many years so he's the correct son but who was his Dad.

Re: Edwin Broomhead

Arthur Edwin Hancock married Eliza Broomhead in 1882, Eliza already had John Arthur, When John Arthur married in 1904 he stated his father was John Broomhead but was probably making that up to hide his illegitimacy. When the 1891 census was taken Arthur Edwin and Eliza were not living together, which might indicate marital disharmony? Edwin was named Broomhead even though Eliza's married name was Hancock at that point, but was named Edwin which would suggest that Arthur Edwin Hancock was the father. I've not found Edwins birth registration or baptism which might throw more light on the situation. Arthur Edwin died in 1897, resident at 27 Forster Road and buried on 19th February at Heeley Christ Church. I've emailed copies of documents to you.

Re: Edwin Broomhead

Could be wrong here and if so apologises for sending you down the wrong path.

There is a birth for an Edwin Broomhead in 1889 which gives his mother's maiden name a LEE. In 1888 an Edwin Broomhead married a Mary Alice LEE now I know you have stated that Edwin jnr's mother was called Eliza now not had chance to check yet but could it be possible that Edwin Broomhead Snr and Eliza Broomhead are brother/sister? Something happened to Mary Alice Broomhead nee Lee and perhaps Edwin snr and Eliza Broomhead bought him up and hence thats why he thought she was his mother.

Re: Edwin Broomhead

Hi Ted
Thank you for your input and the images you sent. I'm beginning to think perhaps he wasn't registered at all. I've looked under Edwin Hancock but with no success, yet in 1893 a year after Edwin's birth she has a little girl Rosetta Hancock who sadly died after 7 days and is in a communal grave at City Rd.It may also be Edwin was not his name at all.In the 1891 census Eliza has a 13 year old sister Rosetta Broomhead.In fact her name was Rosina !I think they made names and ages as they choose.I have Edwins attestation papers but his enlistment date I can just make out as Sept 1914.He gives his age as 22years 263 days so roughly I think about June 1892 if I've calculated correctly.His Parish is given as St Silas.
Not sure where to go now but if you have any other thoughts I would appreciate them
Thank you

Re: Edwin Broomhead

Hi John
Thank you for looking at this post.It is the "wrong" Edwin that you found.My Broomhead Tree is littered with Edwin on the male side and Rosina on the female side.
The Edwin I'm trying to trace was killed in WW1 1917 at 22plus age.
Thank you for taking the time anyway

Re: Edwin Broomhead

Hi Andrew et al,
There is a birth reg. on GRO for an EDWIN HANCOCK
Registered in March quarter 1894 (so poss.birth Dec.1893)
Ecclesall Bierlow with mmn: BROOM

I realize this is not Broomhead but I checked for a Broom/Hancock marriage up to ten years prior and could not find one..?? It might be worth further investigation.

HAPPY HUNTING:sleuth_or_spy:

Re: Edwin Broomhead


I have a feeling that you already saw the "in memoriam" notice that they put in the Evening Telegraph a year after he died?

Just in case you didn't, there was a notice in the Sheffield Evening Telegraph 22 August 1918 which said that Lance-Corporal Edwin "Ted" Broomhead of Field Ambulance, R.A.M.C. had been killed in action on 22 August 1917, at 25 years of age.

"He nobly answered duty's call. His life he gave for one and all".

It was signed "From his sorrowing Mother, Brother, and Sister-in-law (94a, Hodgson Street)."


Andrew P.

Re: Edwin Broomhead

Sorry Audrey for addressing you as Andrew.

Re: Edwin Broomhead

In the 1901 census Eliza Hancock has a brother living with her who is called Edwin Broomhead.
It’s possible that her son Edwin was named after her brother, and not necessarily after Arthur Edwin Hancock


Re: Edwin Broomhead

Hi Andrew
I hadn't seen this in the newspaper so thank you. I got his Army records which gave his information but no mention of him called Ted so that's another thread to look for.Im beginning to think his birth was never registered. Thank you anyway for the newspaper announcement.