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how to find some one but do not know address

How can I find where and who were the guardian of my late Uncle Herbert Berriman DOB 9/11/1915
of 11 Ardmore Street Attercliffe. Unfortunately his mother died in 1916 when he was about 6 months old. He seems to have left the family to be looked after by someone else but who is the mystery. He was the youngest of 3.His father remarried and had 3 more children none of them ever mentioned Herbert. All the other 5 children attended Huntsman's Garden School. I am eager to find out what happened to him and do not wish to wait for the 1921 census.
Please can you help I would love to put him back in the family tree where he belongs .
Thank you for any help you may give

Re: how to find some one but do not know address


There’s exactly 4 records for Herbert Berriman in FindMyPast - sorry if this is all stuff that you know already, and because it does not answer your actual question, but just in case it helps at all:

- Born 1915 mother’s maiden name Kitson Volume 9C Page 1193 (that’d be Mary Ellen Kitson born around 1885).

- Married Q1 1939 to Rose Lincoln Volume 9C Page 733

- Living at Back 63 Surbiton Street Sheffield with Rose in 1939 and working as a labourer in a steel works.

- Died 1994. Register number H57A Entry number 088

The (Sheffield Evening) Telegraph for 3 May 1910 has a sad story about little John Berriman, aged 2½ who slipped out to either play on the waste ground at the end of Ardmore St. or to meet his dad coming home along the canal towpath, and fell in the canal and drowned. A jury member said that two kids had been rescued from the canal in the preceding fortnight, and another said that it happened all the time. Another article (30 April 1910) mentioned that the dad, William J Berriman of Ardmore Street, worked at Alford, Steer & Co. Ltd, timber merchants, in Broughton Lane, and would normally walk home along the towpath.

Did you already see that William John Berriman, little John Berriman, and Mary Ellen Berriman (née Kitson) are all listed in the burials section of this site, with others who lived at 11 Ardmore St?


Andrew P.

Re: how to find some one but do not know address

Christina, in terms of who looked after him there is obviously the 1921 census which will be available next January.
There is a newly married Herbert Berriman in Sheffield on the 1939 Register. Wife is Rose nee Lincoln (they married in Q1 1939) and there is a closed record, presumably a child.
We need to be careful on this site to follow this further forward because we do not want to publish the names of potentially living people . We must respect their privacy.

Re: how to find some one but do not know address

It may be worth purchasing the marriage cert for Herbert Berriman to Rose Lincoln in 1939. There may be a clue for you in the witnesses.

Re: how to find some one but do not know address

Hi Andrew
Thanks for your reply. I was aware of the info you gave and some more as well but it is nice to know that I am not going down the wrong track. I did know of young John's death but did not know the circumstances. I myself lived in Ardmore Street and am familiar with the canal. The telegraph report gave me some more info about my Grandfather thank you for this. With regards burial John jnr is buried in the same grave as his parents and both his grandparents John and Mary Berriman.
Once again thank you for the information

Re: how to find some one but do not know address

Hi Dave
Thanks for the info
I too found this and did think of applying for a marriage cert for Herbert and Rose but thought to wait so as not to burden the registry office unduly. In the 1911 census it shows Herbert's Aunt Ada living at number 23 Ardmore Street which was in the same yard as number 11 I did wonder if she took care of him as she married in 1913 but as yet I have not found her any where else.
I was hoping to check the school entries in that area but as the archives are closed I will have to wait as with the 1921 census but at 80 years old time is running out. But who knows with researching family history any thing is possible.
Thanks again for your help I will keep searching

Re: how to find some one but do not know address

Christina, Very few sheffield school records are available. All the extant school records at Sheffield Archives have been transcribed and are here over to the left. You will find no more by visiting the Archives

You do not need to worry about overburdening the GRO. They are operating efficiently and supplying certificates quite quickly.

The burial of Rose Berriman's ashes at Shiregreen is in the burials over to the left.

Re: how to find some one but do not know address

Thanks Dave
I am not sure how to see Rose 's ashes This site has changed so much since I last used it. and I at 80 years old have problems finding my way around. Will wait till my Grandsons come to sort me out but once again thanks for your help

Re: how to find some one but do not know address

Hello Cristina

This is the entry from the burial records that Dave Mentioned

BERRIMAN, Rose (~, age 69).
Died at Nether Edge Hospital; Buried on June 30, 1988 in Consecrated ground;
Grave Number 9508, Section I of Shiregreen Cemetery, Sheffield.
Parent or Next of Kin if Available: ~. Remarks: Cremated Remains. Sheffield, number 149479.

Regards Tony

Re: how to find some one but do not know address

Hi Christina,

Never be afraid to ask for help. Many of us have material other than what is in our database and are willing to help.

The database is huge and very simple to use. We have not changed it much since we started way back in 2005. That was at my request and especially for us the "oldies" of the site.

If you look over to the left where it says Parish Records.......once it opens (you need to click on it) you will see you have a choice of baptisms or marriages.

Click on the end of the search questions you will see it says ADDRESS.

Enter 11 Ardmore St....... and it will bring up all that were living at that address when baptised.

You dont have to fill in all the spaces just a First name and surname will do the trick.

Some people unfourtunatly only have the MESSAGE FORUM Bookmarked and miss out on all the material we have on the site. Check out our SITE MAP that will also help you navigate the site. Take your time and check out all the Headings over to the left in the INDEX.

If we can help again please let us know.

Elaine in Ottawa.

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