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School Records

Regarding a school record for Vincent JEPSON, there are two leaving dates. Why is this please?

Re: School Records


If you look closely at the notes you will see that it says readmitted.

BUT..... having said that if he was born 1878 and left school in 1905 . That would have made him 27. So I suggest that the date of birth is incorrect.

Unfortunately I no long have the 1st DVD of school admissions and #2 starts 1918.

Sorry about that. Once the Archives open maybe you could check both entries and let me know so I can change whats in our database.

Thanks Elaine.

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Re: School Records

I will try to find out, thank you Elaine.

Re: School Records

Elaine,I've checked General Records Office. JEPSON, Vincent,1878, 1st Quarter, Ecclesall Bierlow, Yorkshire West Riding volume 9 c page 371.
This fits with the rest of the family.

Re: School Records

The image of this record is on FMP

d.o.b. 1 Jan 1878

admission 11 Jan 86

date of leaving 9 Aug 86
and 24 Jul 91

No mention of re-admission.
I will email the image if you want to see it.


Re: School Records

That would be good, thank you. On Indexers it says 11 Jan 1886 until 9 Aug 1886, followed by 24 July 1891, reason for leaving, previously attended infants school. Thank you for your trouble.

Re: School Records

Hi Ladies,

I have managed to work it out......

I used FMP to get to the 2nd page that Vincent Jepson is listed.

The error is ours, date of leaving I believe should be 1891. That would make him 13 which makes more sense.

If someone else with FMP could check it out before I change it in the database please.

Much appreciated Elaine.

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Re: School Records

Anne, I received your email this morning. Thank you very much. It confirms most things. There is still a problem with the fact that there are 2 dates on the one record. Maybe one for admin to look at. thank you again. Jean.

Re: School Records

Hi Jane,

I sent you a message yesterday. I had checked it out but wanted someone else to confirm what I had noted.

Anne confirmed it this am and I have changed it to 1891 as the 2nd entry does not give
a day or month in 1891. That is what now shows in our database.

Thanks for letting me know.


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Re: School Records

Elaine, thank you very much for your help. Jean