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Advice please

Just been hunting through bits & pieces in loft and found the following floppies of Sheffield burials....

Church of Ascension 1843-1942
St Mary walkeley 1880-1901
St Mary Bolstertone 1813-1856
Christ Church Stannington 1830-1932
St Nicholas Bradfield 1813-1899

I can remember copying them all to CD, but cannot find the CD!! Anyone got any idea how I could possibly go about opening the floppies to copy them.

Re: Advice please

Local Libraries used to have them, I don't know if they've since been removed, but it would be worth emailing the Central Library as I'd've thought they'd keep at least one for Public access? *Oo, you could be in luck - when the Library re-opens:

Otherwise you'd need an old floppy disc drive:

Re: Advice please

Hi if you do a search for a reader on Google it comes up with quite a few Dave W

Re: Advice please

Thank you for info. Had a look at ebay and they have some quite cheap so may buy one.

Re: Advice please

Walkley burials 1880-2015 are now on this site, with grave references, which weren't included in the old database.

Friends of Walkley Cemetery