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Albert Swain died 1936

Probate record for Albert Swain of 161 Ellesmere Road Sheffield reads that he was last seen on 9 December 1936 and his dead body was found 13 January 1937. Is there anything ie. Newspapers that may give further info. I know he is buried with family in Burngreave (on this site)

Re: Albert Swain died 1936


Yes, the Sheffield Independent of Thursday 14 January 1937 says that he was an "elderly recluse" and that nobody had seen him since "last Armistice Day", but people were used to not seeing him for weeks at a time because he liked to get in a stock of provisions then stay indoors for a while.

So if they didn't see him for a fortnight or so they didn't worry, even though he was a well known character in the area. They eventually got worried because it had been a long time, and contacted the coppers who broke in to the house and found him dead. He looked like he'd been dead for a while according to the article.



Re: Albert Swain died 1936

Thanks Andrew.

There does seem to be another possible link for him in the Sheffield Daily Telegraph 27 January 1926 which says he was sent to prison for being drunk and assaulting his brother John Robert Swain. I don't have access to read full article, could I ask again.

Re: Albert Swain died 1936


It is only a short article in the Sheffield Daily Telegraph dated 27 Jan 1926.
Albert of 60 West Bar, was sent to prison for one month after being found drunk and disorderly in Grimesthorpe Road and for assaulting his brother, John Robert Swain,of
207 Grimesthorpe Road. The Sheffield Independent on the same day added that the
solicitor said the man had been making disturbances, at intervals, for the last few years, and, as a consequence, their mother had had to give up her home and go away.


Re: Albert Swain died 1936

Hi Moira

Many thanks, very interesting story. His parents Albert & Emma were publicans of the Carlisle Hotel on Carlisle St.