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Beals of Bradfield.

For Angela,

Glad to see you keeping an eye on us.......

Do you have Sarah Beal in your tree. She married Mark Dyson in 1805 Bradfield.
Her father was Jeremiah, Mother Mary Bramall. Mark was a first cousin 5x removed.

Elaine in Ottawa.

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Re: Beals of Bradfield.

Hi Elaine.

Not much else to do in lockdown. I have had to shield as I have RA. and take immunosuppresents.

Ended up in hospital twice last year as I dislocated my prosthetic hip twice, couldn't wait to get home after they put it back.

I got my first vaccine last Friday, so hopefully things will eventually start looking up.

I'll take a look at Sarah when I have time.

My line 3 x G grandfather was Peter BEAL 1787 - 1835 (he married Sarah SHIPMAN) the son of John BEAL 1756-1833 and Elizabeth BEAL who were first cousins and John's father was William but I haven't looked into the siblings yet.

Stay Safe

Re: Beals of Bradfield.

Hi Angela,

So we do have a LInk.

Peters son John(1820) married Harriet(1822) Woodhouse in 1842.
He died of Typhus in 1846.
Harriet re married a Francis Middleton and moved to Peterborough Canada.I did not know about tham prior to my research.

Harriet was a 1st cousin 4x removed.

One of my girl friends when growing up and I looked into her family history and she will be related to you. I remember Peter from that research and she was a Beal. She is not a family history enthusiast. LOL.

Will send you a couple of PDF files to either keep or not.

Our vacines have to come in from Belgium (Phizser) And with them holding back shipments god knows when us oldies will get vacinated. So lock down looks to be very much a thing of the future.

Keep well and safe.


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Re: Beals of Bradfield.

Our daughter-in-law is descended from Enoch, another son of John & Elizabeth Beal, who went on to marry Sarah Beal, dr of James & (another) Elizabeth (Bishop).

John Beal was the son of George Beal & Sarah Wood, who married at Bradfield 12/4/1748.
For Elizabeth I couldn't be sure.

Geoffrey :relaxed:

Re: Beals of Bradfield.

Hi Geoffrey,

Hope you are keeping well.

I do have a link with this Beal line but I think its two generations earlier. Its by marriages so not a direct line.

Is this the Enoch you refered too.

BEAL, Enoch (of ~, born ~).
Baptised January 25, 1721, by ~ at Sheffield Parish Church, Church Street, Sheffield.
Parents name(s) are ~ & John (Sissersmith).

Elaine in Ottawa.

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Re: Beals of Bradfield.

Hello Elaine,

Keeping fine thanks: Alison & I got our 1st jab on Friday in Chesterfield.

Our daughter-in-laws ancestor is a couple of generations later. This is him on the FindmyPast transcript, which differs from the one on this site:

First name(s) Enoch
Last name Beal
Birth year -
Baptism year 1781
Baptism date 24 Mar 1781
Baptism place Sheffield, St Nicholas, Bradfield
Denomination Anglican
Father's first name(s) John of Stannington
Mother's first name(s) -
County Yorkshire (West Riding)

He is listed on the Cutlers' list as 'son of John, Hallam', but he seems to be buried at Ecclesall:

First name(s) Enoch
Last name Beal
Age 66
Birth year 1782
Death year 1848
Burial year 1848
Burial date 22 Feb 1848
Burial place Ecclesall
Dedication All Saints
Residence Sheffield

-similarly Sarah Beal -also of Sheffield, but buried @ Ecclesall:
First name(s) Sarah
Last name Beal
Age 60
Birth year 1783
Death year 1843
Burial year 1843
Burial date 30 Jul 1843
Burial place Ecclesall
Dedication All Saints
Residence Sheffield
County Yorkshire (West Riding)
Country England
Archive reference PR-100-4-4
Page 274

I might try tracing this line further back, but I'm occupied with mediaeval stuff at present.

Best wishes,
Geoffrey :slightly_smiling_face:

Re: Beals of Bradfield.

Hi Geoffrey,

Canada is very slow with its vaccinations as we have to buy from elsewhere. Only 5% of the population (38 million)have been vaccinated so far. Hubby in his 80's is in the next batch which they feel can be offered starting mid March, but we are not holding our breaths. So the semi lock down continues.

I am going to print your daughter in laws info off and check with what I have. I think we had a stab at it once before but we didn't get very far. I didn't have at that time the Bradfield info that Malcolm Nunn and I transcribed over the last few years.

I believe that the Bradfield bunch moved over to Upper Hallam so it would be logical for them to be buried at Ecclesall Church. Most of my Upper Hallam families are there or at Fulwood. The Ecclesall registers I am sure were also placed in the (Cathedrals) registers as it was a chapelry. BUT I am sure you know that. LOL.

Take care and I will let you know my findings.


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Re: Beals of Bradfield.

Elaine, The name Enoch Beal(e) produces 70 documents on Bradfield Archives.

Re: Beals of Bradfield.

Thanks Dave,

It's Enochs granddaughter that Married one on my Dysons. (Mark 1785)

Marriage took place at Bradfield 1805.
Mark Dyson and Sarah Beal.
Sarahs parents were Jeremiah Beal and Mary Bramall.
The infamouse John Dyson (1777) was one of the Witneses.

BUT thanks for the nudge. This is my childhood friends family and she isn't interested at all in Family History. I researched it as I always felt we had a link somewhere.

Her family moved from Bradfield to Crookes all scissorsmiths.

Thanks Elaine.

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