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Mary Bell

Hello.  I'm doing family research for my uncle (aunty is my blood relative). His grandmother Mary Bell (nee Kelly) passed away in her early 40's and is "buried in a paupers grave in Sheffield", this is all he knows.  Her husband was John Bell.


Info I have been able to find out:

Mary Kelly born 07/02/1879

m John Bell 22/06/1906

John Bell died (possible) 22/03/1958 aged 79.  It's unknown where he is buried.


On Find my Past I see a record for death of a Mary Bell aged 43, wife of John Bell.  Died at 1ct 3 Attercliffe Common, buried on 26th May 1928 in RC ground.  Grave #4427 Section HH of City Road Cemetery Sheffield, pg. 178.

How can I confirm if this is the person I'm researching?

Re: Mary Bell

Hi Alison,

If you would like to look over to the left in our index you will note Burial Records.

Just click on it and it will show you what we have covered for Sheffield and area.

As you dont have any idea where John might be buried leave that blank.

Dont panic if you dont come up with anything many of us have other material we can check for you.

Start with what we have already transcribed and we can go from there. Helps if you know if they were all RC's.

I would also suggest you buy the death cert for Mary and that will enable you to rule in in or out. Its available in PDF form from the GRO.

Elaine in Ottawa.

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Re: Mary Bell

Hi Alison

If you follow Elaines instruction to search in Burials over to the left - you'll find your John Bell, D 1958! Both John and Mary were Roman Catholics.


Re: Mary Bell

Please can I ask where you got the date of the marriage from as I am unable to find a marriage of a John Bell to a Mary Kelly (unless the marriage was Mary's second)

Also the one that you have found says died in 1928 aged 43 that would mean she was born later then 1879 as you suggested. Do you know if Mary and John had any children?


Re: Mary Bell

Thank you for your replies.

They were catholic. They were born, married and had children in Ireland and moved to Sheffield some time after 1917.

4 of their 6 children were born in Ireland, who I have dates for. 1 child Elizabeth Rose Bell born in Sheffield on 11/10/1921, address given 1 Court 3 House, Attercliffe Common, Sheffield. 1 child I cannot find a birth for, Dora Bell, born between 1909 and 1914.

On a court record in Ireland in 1915, Dora is said to be about 3 years old. Johns address is given as 19 Walker Street, Wicker, Shyfield (error in transcription, reads Sheffield) in the same court record.

I have found that ages aren't always correct on records.

Re: Mary Bell

I'm only comparing the addresses on Elizabeth's birth record and Mary's death index now!! There's a good chance its the same Mary. I think ordering the death cert is the way to go.

Re: Mary Bell

Are there photographs of plots available to view? Grave #4427 and 4745 Section HH of City Road Cemetery?

Re: Mary Bell

Hello Alison

I have checked my collection of photos but neither plot has a headstone I'm afraid.

The plot at 4427 appears to be a "Margin" grave with all the (unrelated) burials taking place between March & Sept 1928. I noticed the majority of deaths were recorded at "St Elizabeths Home Heely Bank" which I believe was I kind of catholic hospice.

I don't have access to the post 1946 burial books for the plot at 4745 so I can't give you the grave classification.

Cheers Tony

Re: Mary Bell

Thank you Tony. I really appreciate you having a look for me.

Re: Mary Bell

Tony, does 'margin' grave mean a mass grave and would this particular plot also be a "paupers" grave/plot?