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Buried ( where)

Dear all. My relations died in Rotherham. But lived most of their married life in Sheffield.
Charles Green died age 65 years in 1874.In Rotherham
Rachael Green ( his wife) died age 79 years in 1889.In Rotherham.
I have been having trouble which cemetery they are buried in.

If they can't be located on such little I have given.
After Christmas I will try to order their death certificates. This will give me more details.
Mary smith

Re: Buried ( where)

From the burials on here over to the left. Could this be him?
GREEN, Charles (Publican, age 65).
Died at Darnall; Buried on January 22, 1874 in Consecrated ground;
Grave Number 96, Section A of Darnall Cemetery, Sheffield.
Parent or Next of Kin if Available: ~. Remarks: from Darnall Parish: Officiating Minister Rev. J.H. Littlewood.


Re: Buried ( where)

I thought about that one but dicarded it because who he was buried with. I think I have found the family in 1871 at Lumley Street and Charles was in the steel trade. Have a look Dave to see what you think.

Re: Buried ( where)

Mary, I am confident that burial is the correct one for the Charles Green death registered q1 1874 Rotherham
However i cannot find the death registration you refer to for Rachael in Rotherham. Can you please provide a reference for that?

Re: Buried ( where)

Going by what John S said, they might have been in Sussex St. in 1861, Lumley St. in 1871, and Blast St. in 1875.

A Charles Green married Rachael Rodger in Rotherham Minster in 1830, witnesses being Charles Bagshaw and Wm. Jessop.

The 1841 census has Charles and Rachael in Greenside Rotherham with children John and Frederick

The 1861 census has them living in Sussex St (and born in Greasbrough). He was a steel converter. They had four children with them, Frederick 18 (“labourer gas w”), Charles 13 (“works at rolling mill”), George 10 , and Elizabeth 7.

In 1871 Charles, Rachael, George, and Elizabeth were at 40 Lumley St. Charles was still a steel converter, George was a boilermaker and Elizabeth a dress maker. Rachael’s place of birth had changed from Greasbrough to Chapeltown.

There were a Charles and a Rachel Green both buried in Greasbrough - just with the wrong ages and on the wrong dates. Charles 64, 14 April 1872 and Rachel, 73, February 1881. Both buried by the vicar, Rev. Wm. Byers.

But Mary Smith said 1875.

A Charles Green, steel converter shows up in the paper in 1875. He lived at Blast-lane and was assaulted by John Stainrod of Duke-street, Park on Saturday night 20 February 1875 (Sheffield Daily Telegraph 26 February 1875).


Andrew P.

Re: Buried ( where)

Charles Green furnace man age 23 living Blast Lane in 1871

Re: Buried ( where)

Hi Mary,

The following from Andrew bears having a second look.

"There were a Charles and a Rachel Green both buried in Greasbrough - just with the wrong ages and on the wrong dates. Charles 64, 14 April 1872 and Rachel, 73, February 1881. Both buried by the vicar, Rev. Wm. Byers."

I also noted the same as DaveT that there was no death in Rotherham for Rachel in or around 1889.

Did you find Rachel in the 1881 census? That would indicate she had probably died prior to the census being taken.

Elaine in Ottawa.

Andrew where in Greasborough was the burial?

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Re: Buried ( where)


I am pretty sure that the burials were at St. Mary's, the parish church.

FMP just says "Greasbrough" for Charles and Rachael, but I looked at the first page in the book and it's the register of burials in the parish of Greasbrough kept by William Byers, incumbent, and George Jackson, churchwarden.

I also checked the first burial in that register (a 15 year-old called Walter Mitchell who died in 1858), and FMP has his place of burial as St Mary Greasbrough. So it looks to me like it was the graveyard of the parish church.

While I'm here, my thanks to Dave T for a nice lesson in research.


Andrew P.

Re: Buried ( where)

It was St Mary's church and Charles was living in Sheffield and Racheal was living at Attercliffe when they died info from a cd I have got. John

Re: Buried ( where)

Looks like son Frederick buried there too. Frederick Green died aged 37 in 1878 lived in Sheffield