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Toothill Family

I assume like many visitors to your website, I never asked enough questions about my family history when my parents and grandparents were alive, and now it's too late. I am hoping that with any help that you can provide to be able to fill in any missing details.
The information I have entered below is all from memory, and as I am not computer literate I am having to rely on my partner to assist.
I am Judith born 20th May 1942. Sister Bridget Born 1945.
Father Alan Percival Toothill born 1915, his brother Gerald born 1904 had a daughter Ann Toothill Born 1932.
My grandfather Percy Toothill married to Ethel Griffith. She had brothers and sisters.
Both grandparents born in Sheffield in 1880s.
I would like to know when they married and what if anything my grandfather did in WW1.
If possible I would like to know who Percy Toothill and Ethel Griffiths parents were (My Great Grandparents) and where they lived.
Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Judith Toothill

Re: Toothill Family

Hi Judith,

Welcome to the site. I hope we can get you started. We have made our site very user friendly making it easy for all IT skills (including mine LOL) Our database has about two millions entries but even with that large number we have not covered all parishes in the Sheffield area. We are still transcribing.

So lets get started.

First you need to get to know our site. If you look over to the left that is the menue.
Go to "Parish Records" and at the top of that page you will see two of the headers Baptisms (in red) and Marriages. Just click on eith one. Say baptisms and enter any of the names you have mentioned. Likewise for the marriages. If you dont find them dont panic there are other ways to find the info out.

Free BMD may be the easiest site for you to access which will give you that rough timeline for the event you are looking for.

It doesn't seem tthat you have access to either FMP or Ancestry. They being the logical place for you to access the 1911 census which will bring up your grandparents.

Matching Civil Registration finds with census material is a must.
Civil Registration started July 1st 1837 but NOT all people bothered to register until it became mandadtory in 1878ish.

Census records started in 1841 to 1911.
The 1921 census should be made available next year.

Once you have checked out what is in our database and if you still can not find them
please get back to us and we will try looking for you. Many of us hold material that we have accumilated over the years which might help.

Have fun and dont be intimidated by the site you can do it.

Elaine in Ottawa.


Just for you to see that we do have other material.
TOOTHILL, Percy (, age 25yrs bat, ?, residing at ?).
Married Ethell GRIFFITH, on Aug 23rd 1902, by ? (?) at
All Saints Ecclesall, Sheffield. Father's name is Henry (?).
Married in the presence of ?.

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Re: Toothill Family

An interesting complication to that 1902 Ecclesall marriage is that there is a marginal note which says that it was 'inadvertently entered' as 'the parties had been on the same day previously married at the Register Office of Ecclesall Bierlow'


Re: Toothill Family

AND.... that would explain the two marriage registration. i.e.
EB 510 & 641. on FreeBMD.


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Re: Toothill Family

Hi Judith

I've sent you an email.


Re: Toothill Family

Hello Judith,

Here is a starter for you 1901 census at 113 Union Road, Sheffield.

First name(s) Last name Relationship Marital status Sex Age Birth year Occupation Birth place
Henry Toothill Head Married Male 51 1850 Incorporated Accountant Sheffield, Yorkshire, England
Fanny Toothill Wife Married Female 53 1848 - Sheffield, Yorkshire, England
Percy Toothill Son Single Male 24 1877 Incorporated Accountant Sheffield, Yorkshire, England
Gertrude Toothill Daughter Single Female 22 1879 - Sheffield, Yorkshire, England

Kind regards


Re: Toothill Family

I would like to thank everyone who has replied to my request regarding my ancestors and find it quite amazing that people out there are willing to help me.

Re: Toothill Family

Hi Judith,

Marriage 10 June 1874, All Saints Ecclesall.
Henry Toothill, 25, bat, Estate Agent, of Ecclesall, father, Henry Toothill, Manufacturer.
Fanny Marples, 26, spin, of Ecclesall, father, Joseph Marples, Gardener.

Sheffield Daily Telegraph, 11 Dec 1929.
Funeral at Ecclesall of Mr Henry Toothill, senior partner in the firm
Henry Toothill & Son.
(I have picked out some of the mourners that were listed).
Mr Percy Toothill, son; Miss Gertrude Toothill, daughter; Mrs E. Toothill, daughter-in-law; Mr Henry Gerald Toothill, grandson; Mr Walter Russel Toothill, brother and
Messrs. Harry H. Toothill, Harold R. Toothill and George Marples, nephew.

Sheffield Evening Telegraph, 1 Dec 1939.
Mr Percy Toothill appointed a member of a panel set up by the Treasury, to advise
Ministry of Supply on the appointment of auditors.

A 1924 newspaper report mentions, Percy Toothill of 11 Figtree Lane. Presumably
this was the address of their offices.

There are many newspaper articles mentioning Percy re his work.

In the Sheffield Daily Telegraph 1939, there is a picture of Alan Toothill playing golf in a competition at Abbeydale.


Re: Toothill Family

Hi Judith, I only infrequently access this forum, but just seen your message. As you can see, my name is also Toothill, and I am researching my family tree too. I will message you separately, and maybe we can work out where (if at all) our ancestors paths cross.