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Betty Gray, nee Stenton


I’m looking for the parents of Elizabeth Stenton, who married George Gray in Sheffield in 1771,
The marriage record says that she was a spinster.
She was known as Betty and lived to a ripe old age.
A newspaper report of September 1843 said that she was 107, that she’d been born in Eyam and had moved to Sheffield as a child with her parents.
She died 8-Dec 1843 “aged 109.”
FMP seems not to have any Eyam baptisms for that period, if anyone has Ancestry are there any on there?


Re: Betty Gray, nee Stenton

Hi Heather,

I have just checked FamilySearch and the Elizabeth Stentons they are showing are in the 1800's Didn't spend a lot of time on it, but you may want to have another look there.

I also have a CD that I bought back in 2006 for Eyam. Some of my rellies are from there.
But......... I can't seem to get it to work.

Will try again and see if I can come up with Elizabeth.

Take care.

Elaine in Ottawa.

Update. Finally manged to get into the Cd. Just looked at Baptisms 1720-1750

No Stenton's at all.

BUT under FamilySearch.
Elizabeth Stenton
Bap 21Dec 1752.
Upper Independent Chapel -NC
Sheffield Yorks.

Father John
Mother Rebecca

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Re: Betty Gray, nee Stenton

Hi Heather & Elaine,
I was wondering if you have already found Elizabeth Gray on the 1841 census, who appears to be living with her married daughter Sarah (baptized 1775 SPC).
1841: Stalker Cottage, Ecclesall Rd
James Bell 55
Sarah Bell 65
John Bell 30
Elizabeth Gray 100
record says all were born Yorkshire. Elizabeth is described as being Independent. Which begs the question why did she die at Ecclesall Bierlow Union in 1843 (ref:GRO).
Could this address be the current Stalker Lees Rd,Ecclesall Rd, Sharrow..??
Sarah's marriage to James Bell is on S.I. website.

I have been on Family Search website searching births and baptisms for the most part, between 1734 to 1741. There are a number of Elizabeth Stenton's but none in Eyam. There are a number recorded for Yorkshire including Elaine's find in 1852 (Sheffield). There was one record I found intriguing of a baptism in 1737 at Egham, Surrey, parents John and Sarah but I think that Elizabeth married in Egham.
HAPPY HUNTING:sleuth_or_spy:

Re: Betty Gray, nee Stenton

OOPS, Sorry Elaine, that date should have been 1752

Re: Betty Gray, nee Stenton

Hi Wendy and Heather.

Heather has not been back to me yet. BUT I know she is very very busy at work at the moment.(covid)

I checked our 1841 census index out and yes Elizabeth Gray aged 100 is there with the Bell family. 1841 census was when they rounded the age down by five years for adults.
That would make her death two year later at 107 correct.

The address of Stalker Cottage was just off Ecclesall Road.
Elizabeth could have been ill prior to her death and many folks used the dispensories at the "Workhouses" as we would a local hospital. NOT sure what was there in 1843.

Just a thought if the Stentons were non conformists we dont have much in our database for them.

If my math is correct she died in 1843. Aged 107 which if you add her age on the 1841 census, plus the five years, plus the two years (1841-1843) that makes her 107 when she died.1843 minus 107 birth year would be 1736 birth year.

If the baptisms in 1752 is the right family then Elizabeth woud have been 16 yrs old approx.

Mmmmmm are we on the right track????

Elaine in Ottawa.

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Re: Betty Gray, nee Stenton

Just to add.

We have in our database......

Upper Chapel, Norfolk Street - May 16, 1681 to Dec 06, 1744. No Stentons between those dates.

Elaine in Ottawa.

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Re: Betty Gray, nee Stenton

Hi Elaine and Wendy

Thank you for looking into it, because I am a bit lost with this one.

I don't think the Stentons used the Presbyterian chapel, although the Bells did at first. The 1752 baptism would be a bit late.

I was thinking that Elizabeth was maybe 104 at the time of the 1841 census, and that she perhaps had her 105th birthday sometime between then and early September 1841. That would tally with the age being rounded down to 100 in the census, and her being 107 at the time of the newspaper article in September 1843 (in which she's erroneously referred to as Mrs. Elizabeth Bell.) If they got her surname wrong, did they also get the Eyam bit wrong as well?

The burial record of December 1843 definitely says 109, and the newspaper report of her death also says 109 which is confusing if she was 107 only a couple of months previously!

I don't have the death certificate so I'm not sure where exactly she died. The burial entry just says "Ecclesall" and the newspaper report of her death says "of Bells Gardens." Regarding her income, she had a pension of 10 pounds 8 shillings a year from Wilsons Snuff Mill in Sharrow where she'd worked until 1820.

I found a marriage 1734 Sheffield for an Anne Stenton and a Joseph Denton, followed by a baptism in Jan 1736 for Betty Denton, with father Joseph. Am wondering if that is her? If she was born slightly before the wedding she could have reverted to using Stenton when her father died. Only issue is that the marriage record says Joseph was a joiner, and the baptism says a nailor.... I need to do more digging.


Re: Betty Gray, nee Stenton

Hi Elaine & Heather,
Yes Elaine, I realized after I had posted, that the Unions also acted as hospitals.
The GRO death record has Elizabeth Gray's death reg: as Dec qtr. 1843 age 109. but Heather also mentioned a possible death age 107. So birth could range from 1734 to 1736. I would not rule out the baptism in 1752 Sheffield, there are numerous cases of adult/youth baptisms, especially if it is a re-marriage.
The John Stenton who married Rebecca (possibly nee Ashmore) in 1748 SPC is on S.I. website.

Tentative Theory:
Through Family Search, I have listed 11 POSSIBLE children of a James and Sarah Bell, all baptized at SPC(now Cathedral). IF we use the theory of naming children after the parents of parents,the firstborn male & female being named after the male side then the POSSIBLE 3rd child of James and Sarah was Mary and the fourth, John.
Just a thought, nothing concrete.

HAPPY HUNTING:sleuth_or_spy:

Have just quickly read Heather's comment,re Denton name, which opens up a whole new ball game. hmmm...