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Who are the Parents of Eliza Wood who married Simon Hobson in 1882

You have all been such a great help to me in the past I thought I'd run this past you all.
My Relative Eliza Wood aged 22years spinster, B about 1860 married Simon Hobson aged 19 years, bachelor on 22 Aug 1882. On the marriage certificate it states both resided in Greaves Street and her father as Henry Wood a Cutler & Simons as Tom Hobson Glass cutter.

Looking for her parents I have a marriage certificate of Henry Wood aged 23 to Catherine Tattershell aged 21 on 19 May 1835. Henry lived at George St, Sheffield, Where Catherine lived I can't read. Her father Benjamin Tattershell a Grinder and Henrys father William Wood a Cutler. Henrys occupation also listed as a Cutler. Catherine signed her name, Henry and the witness Mary Moses signed with a X.

As a stab in the dark, (although a few other relatives agreed this was the likely certificate) I purchased a birth certificate for Eliza Wood born 26 Aug 1859. Her fathers name Henry Wood a Cutler Journeyman, her mother was Catherine formerly Moses. Her mother Catherine signed with a X as informant to the birth..

I can't tie in the Moses with the Tattershell except for the fact that a Mary Moses signed as a witness to the marriage of Catherine Tattershell to Henry Wood. It may well be all a coincidence. And this is not the birth certificate of Eliza Wood that I need.

I've looked for the Tattershells on census records and can't find any Benjamin or Catherine.. Apparently Tattershell name comes from the town Tattershall.

Looking forward to hearing youalls opinion.

Thanks in advance

Re: Who are the Parents of Eliza Wood who married Simon Hobson in 1882

Hi Ada,

Catherine Tattershall, born 21 Jan 1831, bap 6 Mar 1831 at Sheffield Parish Church,
Mother, Mary Tattershall, spinster.

Marriage 16 April 1836, Sheffield Parish Church.
Benjamin Moses to Mary Tattershall.
Witnesses: James Tattershall and Sarah Hibberd.

Mary Tattersall dau of John and Mary, grate mkr,
born 23 Dec 1809, bap 4 Feb 1810, Sheffield Parish Church.


Re: Who are the Parents of Eliza Wood who married Simon Hobson in 1882

Thank you for clearing that up for me.. I'm going to assume the person registering the marriage at the Church assumed Tattersall was her fathers last name. And her mother Mary spoke her married name as a Witness.
Interesting that Catherine Signed her name on her marriage certificate but signed with a X on ELiza's birth certificate...

Found them on the census records now.
Much appreciated.