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I am having problems sorting out Mathew Henry Hirstle he was baptized 27 - 05 - 1833 in Penistone, his 1st marriage was to Elizabeth smith 17 - 12 - 1853 in Wortley his 2ND marriage was to Emma Higgitt 09 - 11 - 1885 in York.
1941 census he was living at New Street Wortley named as Mathew Heestal - Hirstle I have not found any 1851 census for him or his family, 1861 Lady Cross Langsett named as herstall, 1871
Lady cross langsett named as Mathew Hirstle 1881 lady cross langsett named as Hirstal .I have been informed that Mathew and his 1st wife Elizabeth Smith had two sons John Henry Hirstle born 1846 and William Hirstle born 1849 possibly in Penistone again I have not found any records for these two children.
My very best wishes.
Fred Wheatcroft.


Hi Fred,

Matthew Henry did not marry Elizabeth Smith until 1853.

Any children prior to that may not have been his name but taken it at a later date.

FreeBMD might throw up his children. At least give you an idea of where they were born.
Enter the surname only and 9c in the Vol box. Start in 1846. You will note there is no birth reg prior to 1852. I entered HIRSTLE as the family name. 9c Covers Wortley.

Elaine in Ottawa.

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Hi Fred

If Matthew Henry and Elizabeth married in 1853, on the 1861 census they dont have any children living with them so that raises the question did they have any children (and clearly the 2 children you've been told they had arent there)

Dont know where you got the information about the 2 children from (how reliable a source), but I'm wondering if there is some confusion with the surname and you've been given information about a different family with a similar name?

On FMP there are 2 baptisms:

John Henry HIRST - 1847 Huddersfield
William HIRST - 1849 Huddersfield

on Both - Father Matthew Henry Hirst (Wool Merchant and Wool Stapler), Mother Elizbeth Hirst.


Re: Buried ( where)


The name Matthew Hirstle crops up a couple of times in the press in the 1800s, around the Penistone area:

Barnsley Chronicle - Saturday 19 February 1859 Matthew Hirstle was with a gamekeeper called Charles Hinchliffe who was travelling back from Penistone Market, and somewhere about a half mile from Thurlstone he broke up a fight between Hinchliffe and a young man called Thomas Beevors who’d attacked Hinchliffe with a knife.

Leeds Times - Saturday 29 September 1888 Matthew Hirstle of Sadlersbrook took over the licence of the Blacksmith’s Arms, Thurlstone (because the previous landlord, Henry Hey, was in custody awaiting trial for the murder of “his servant girl”, a young lady called Maggie Hill. Hey was later found guilty but of unsound mind and detained indefinitely).


Andrew P.