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GRO record - missing entry?


I have been trying all variations of the name 'Mary Ann Nelthorp' born 1888 in Tadcaster, but I cannot find it on the GRO. I need to check the birth mother I have is correct (Cuthbert). Any help appreciated.

Re: GRO record - missing entry?

Sarah. It is showing up on Free bmd as Nelthorpe but not on Gro.
On Gro search page at the bottom is a link which allows you to point out errors.
If you tell them there that it is on Free bmd and give the gro ref from Free bmd they should check their records and correct it. You can retrospectively check the progress of your complaint.

Re: GRO record - missing entry?

Mary Ann Nelthorpe was baptised 5 July 1890 at Allerton Bywater. Parents = Thomas & Georgiana.

Thomas Nelthorpe & Georgie Emily Cuthbert were married 26 Dec 1887 at Allerton Bywater.

The church records are on Ancestry. Allerton Bywater is in the Tadcaster Registration District.

I hope this helps.

Re: GRO record - missing entry?

Hi Sarah, Her birth shows up on ancestry 3q 1888 Tadcaster ref: 9c page 771. There is a marriage in Tadcaster 3q 1887 Thomas Nelthorpe to Georgie Emily Cuthburt. Regards Barry

Re: GRO record - missing entry?

Thanks Guys - I will follow up :-)

Re: GRO record - missing entry?

Hi Sarah,
Just to add to what other people have said. The GRO will fix things if you provide the evidence i.e. on FreeBMD etc or an obvious transcription error.

I reported a misprint of "Semuel" Hague should be "Lemuel" Hague at the end of August and it has been fixed - not sure when that happened though. This week I've reported another one William "Bartow" death should be William "Barton".