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Taylor / Goodlad


I’m having a bit of difficulty understanding the Taylor part of my tree. This is what I have so far.

My 3x great grandmother Ann or Hannah Taylor married George Peckett in in 1846.
At that time she was living on Townhead Street and her father John was a plasterer.
John Taylor was possibly baptized in 1787, with father William who was also a plasterer.
A William Taylor was listed as a plasterer on Townhead Street in the 1825 directory.

In 1801 John became a knife makers apprentice. The apprenticeship record says his father William was a “plaistrerer,”
A burial for a William Goodlad Taylor, son of John, labourer of Townhead Street, tallies with an 1821 baptism for a William Taylor, son of John (plasterer) and Hannah. This points to a marriage in 1820, John Taylor and Ann Goodlad.
In the 1841 census John Taylor (plasterer) is living with wife Ann, and children Hannah and John at Tenter St Bates Square.
A George Goodlad, cutler age 50 is living next door but one. Also in 1834 a George Goodlad, cutler aged 80 (or 84 according to the newspaper) died at Bates Square.
John’s wife Ann possibly dies in 1841.
In the 1851 census, Hannah (now Peckett) is living on Broad Lane with husband George, her father John Taylor and her brother John.
John Taylor senior dies on Broad Lane in 1854 aged 66, which tallies with the 1787 baptism. (His ages in the 1841 and 1851 census are inconsistent though.)

I also found a marriage for a George Taylor, grinder (with a father John, a cutler) where George Peckett was the witness.
Also a baptism for a George Taylor around the right time with father John listed as a plasterer.
Also a Hallamshire Bank record for a George Taylor, grinder with MMN Goodlad.

I’m OK with John snr switching trade from cutler to plasterer, or labourer. A lot of the men on my dads side of the family were plasterers and he said they all had other jobs, for when the weather was poor or when the trade was going through a slack period.
The bit that I have difficulty with is that the baptisms for William (1821) and Ann/Hannah (1825 born 1823) have mother Ann, which tallies with the Goodlad marriage and the 1841 census, but the baptisms for George (1823) and John (ca 1828) say they have a mother called Mary.
Also, according to the baptisms there’s only 7 months between the births of George and Hannah in 1823 although her age in 1851 suggests a birth in 1825.

Looking at the possible baptisms for Ann Goodlad, there is one for a Mary Ann Goodlad with father George, a cutler. Is it possible that Mary and Ann were the same person, Mary Ann?


Re: Taylor / Goodlad

Hi Heather,

I may not have read it correctly but this is what I discovered.

I used FMP and entered Hannah Taylor (1825). Give or take 5 yrs. It picked up all the Ann's etc.

Fathers name John Taylor

I could only see that Sheffield Cathedral baptised two daughters of a John in 1825 birth date 1823. That is the one you found.
The other Ann born to a John was in 1821 and he was a Shear smith.

Sooooooo yes I think you are on the right track and Ann is the one. Hannah and Ann on other documents are probably the same person. I have the same with some of my early rellies. Sheffielder's just love to add "H" where there shouldn't be any and drop them when there should be one.

Brings to mind that old saying "Oh Horace isn't it orrid etc"

Elaine in Ottawa.

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Re: Taylor / Goodlad

Hi Elaine,

Thanks for looking at it.
My conundrum is the name of John Taylor’s wife, because it isn’t consistent.
I’m not sure if he had 2 wives called Mary and 2 wives called Ann. Or if he had a child with Mary, then married Ann but kept his relationship with Mary going at the same time. Or if it was maybe just one wife called Mary Ann....

11-Oct 1815, baptism of daughter Elizabeth, his wife is called Mary.
He marries in 1820 to Ann Goodlad.
19-May 1821, baptism of son William, the wifes name is Hannah.
3-May 1823, daughter Hannah born. Her baptism 23-Oct 1825 says mother is Ann.
27-Dec 1823 son George born, his baptism in 1827 says mother is called Mary.
Ca. 1828 son John born. Only likely baptisms have mother Mary.
1841 census the wife is called Ann.


Re: Taylor / Goodlad

Wow what a story...... LOL.

From my brief excursion into the baptisms for Ann or Hannah there were two Johns mentioned.

John & Ann the plasterer
John and Mary the shear smith.

Does that help or am I missing something. Easily done. LOL.

Elaine in Ottawa.

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Re: Taylor / Goodlad

Heths, I may be throwing a spanner in the works here.
The apprentice record for John Taylor, son of William, plaistrerer, was in 1801 for 9 yrs. Assuming no transcription error this implies that he would be 21 in 1810, ie born 1789.

Re: Taylor / Goodlad

Hi Heather et al,
There is a possible baptism at Sheffield Parish Church on 26th December,1792 for ANN GOODLAD. Parents: John and Hannah Goodlad. (wife Hannah possibly nee Chapman). This couple had a number of children between 1781-1802. Ref: Family Search.
This would put Ann Goodlad at about 28 years old+++ when she married John Taylor in 1820.
so, in 1841 census she would have been 49++.

There are a couple of possible death registrations on GRO for ANN TAYLOR:
D:1848 Mar.qtr. Sheffield, age 55 (B:1792/93)
D:1841 Dec.qtr. ditto age 41 (B:1800)
and throw in a wild card:
HANNAH TAYLOR D:1844 Mar.qtr. Sheffield, age 50 (B:1793/94)

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