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Sheffield Register OFFice 1940

I have a marriage certificate from 1940 which took place at Sheffield Register Office.
What was the address of the office at this time as it is not on the certificate ?
Thank you for any help,

Re: Sheffield Register OFFice 1940

Hi, I think it may have been Queens St opposite to the Central Library. I could be totally wrong but I just have avery hazy recollection.
Barry Green

Re: Sheffield Register OFFice 1940

Hi Phil,

I am more or less sure of this info but it does get a bit murky the further back I dig.

1.Currently the Registry Office is in the Town Hall on Pinstone St.

2.The Registry Office prior to the Town Hall was what was called locally the "Wedding Cake"
on Norfolk St at the side of the Peace Gardens.

3.1959 I remember attending a REgistry Office Wedding on Surrey St across from the Central Library .
Looking at an Alan Godfrey Map of 1903 it shows the place as a chapel.

4. Corn Exchange on Sheaf St.

I believe that they also had more local register offices as I am sure I remember one at BROOMHILL & Hillsborough but I could be wrong on that.

1940 I would say the Surrey St Office. Doesn't it say where on the certificate?

Elaine in Otttawa.

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Re: Sheffield Register OFFice 1940

Hi, I've just googled Sheffield Registry Office and it seems it was in the Town Hall Pinstone St again a vague recollection of that as well, I suppose it is 80 years ago so the memory could be playing tricks.
Barry Green

Re: Sheffield Register OFFice 1940

A 1939 phone book (at Ancestry) lists the address as 'Corn Exchange', as mentioned by Elaine.

Here is a SheffieldHistory thread about the various sites:


Re: Sheffield Register OFFice 1940

Thank you to all for your replies

Re: Sheffield Register OFFice 1940

My parents married in 1946, mum tells me that the register office was situated at the Corn Exchange.
Marlene C.