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coal mining accident

Not Sheffield but can anyone with a sub to a newspaper website find me a report on the mining accident in Lancashire and the death of John Roughley.
Found this on Ancestry

Birth abt 1820
Death abt 1858
Burial 5 Nov 1858 Skelmersdale, Lancashire, England

Ref -
Web: UK, Coal Mining Accidents and Deaths Index, 1878-1935 Source Info
Stories, Memories & Histories
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Name John ROUGHLEY Same
Death 1858 Lancashire, England
Inquest 4th Nov
Many thanks

Re: coal mining accident

Hi Lyn, This from Ancestry UK mining accidents. Name: John Roughley
Event Type: Death
Death Date: 1858
Death Place: Lancashire, England
Colliery: Upholland
Notes: Fall of roof June 1858. Inquest 4th Nov. 1858

Re: coal mining accident

Thanks I got that from Ancestry already when I posted. I was hoping there might be a newpspaper report with more info.

Re: coal mining accident

I looked on the find my past newspaper section and couldn't find anything.

Re: coal mining accident

Many thanks for your help.

Re: coal mining accident

Hi Lyn

I seemed to remember I once found something from this web site

Hope you can too


Re: coal mining accident

Had a look through BNA around the dates in Lancashire, couldn't locate anything i'm afraid.
Although my searching skills aren't that great :grin:

Re: coal mining accident

Thanks Chris & Jenny. I too have failed to find anything other than what was on Ancestry - just the vague details. At least it is cheaper than buying a cert.

Re: coal mining accident

Hi Lyn et al,
You might like to google Durham Mining Museum and Northern Mines Research Society websites.
Durham Museum has an 'In Memory' under it's Disasters heading which reads as follows:

AGE: 48, DIED: 10th July 1874 (note not 1858), ACCIDENT: 10th July 1874. YEAR BORN:about 1826. OCC: Collier
COLLIERY: Park Lane. COMPANY: Garswood Coal & Iron Co,Ltd,
NOTES: Fall of roof in ORRELL 4ft Mine.
BURIED: (not known).

ORRELL district is linked with the Up Holland district.

The date of the accident may explain why the S.I. team could not find it. Alternatives: there could be two John Roughley's or the museum made a typo.

HAPPY HUNTING:sleuth_or_spy:

Re: coal mining accident

Many thanks Wendy
All the Roughleys were miners so no doubt it wil fit one or the other. Will ceheck it out.