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Baptism query. William Swain

Can I query the following baptism records on this site....

Swain Swindin Wiliam, born 1838-08-01, Charlotte & William (cabinet case mkr)
Page no 202 reg 1609

Swain William, born 1838-08-13, Charlotte & William (cabinet case maker)
Page no 1 reg no 4

Are they both correct?


Re: Baptism query. William Swain

Hi David, This from the GRO. SWAIN, - FAIREST
GRO Reference: 1837 D Quarter in SHEFFIELD Volume 22 Page 367
GRO Reference: 1839 S Quarter in SHEFFIELD Volume 22 Page 592

Re: Baptism query. William Swain

Sorry for sounding thick,, but was there 2 William's born to William & Charlotte?

On the baptism record for William b 1838 there is the following..(Note: conditionally aged 57) what would that mean!!

Re: Baptism query. William Swain

Morning David,

The stated conditionally aged 57 means that he was as it states aged 57.
Probably meaning he couldn't remember if he had been baptised or not. So he was baptised again. (Conditionally).

I have only seen that entered in the RC baptisms but I believe St Matthews was very High Anglican.


To help you get a clearer picture......
Back to our baptisms......

Just enter Swain in the surname add also the father and mothers name and it will bring up
four entries. Look closely at the dates of birth and baptismal dates.
Those are your clues.

Been working on my IBBOTSON's over the last few days. The line was a little wonky.
Do you have a George Ibbotson who married a Mary Gray/Grey. First child Georgiana 1854

Take care..


I found this burial.

Swain, William (Cabinet case maker, died on 23 Jul 1890, at the age of 52).
Resided at 87 Carver Street and buried on 25 Jul 1890 in ? ground;
Grave Number 17207, Section S1 120 of General Cemetery, Sharrow.

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Re: Baptism query. William Swain

If the births on the baptism records are correct for William Swain & William Swinden Swain there is only 11 months & 19 days between them. Would that be feasible !!! Barry's GRO dates seem to say different.

Am I getting this all completely wrong!!!

Re: Baptism query. William Swain


I have George Ibbotson's but not with a Mary Gray/Grey. What was George's bith date.

Re: Baptism query. William Swain

Hi Dave,

Thats my problem....... So many George Ibbotsons. He had died prior to 1861 as Mary states she is a widow.

My task for today is to try and sort him out.


1861 census........Dixons Yd, Silver St, Sheffield. (Parish Church)
Mary Ibbotson H.Wid aged 38 Cutlery Manufacturer born Thorne, Yks.
Georgeanne (iana) Ibbotson dau aged 7 born Sheffield.
Mary J Ibbotson daug aged 3 born Sheffield.
Anna Gray 30 visitor born Thorn.
James Beal 34 Border Blade Maker born Ranmoor.
IBBOTSON, Mary (Qualifying property, House).
Address: 6 Silver Street, Saint Peters in 1875-76.
Recorded in: Sheffield Burgess Rolls.

Anna Gray being Mary's sister.
Georgiana registered mmn Gray
Mary J still working on her.

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