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Grave removal

I have family members who in your burial records state that two have been removed from Sheffield and the other states that one has been removed from Wadsley

They are all buried in the same grave in Norton Cemetery - Florence Griffin died 1941 Grave no. 59 Sec TA says she was removed from Wadsley - no mention of William Griffin and Florence Short being removed . The other two I don't think are related to me are Dan Redfearn and Elizabeth Stacey it says both removed from Sheffield. I find this quite confusing could someone explain what this means please

Re: Grave removal

Hi Marlene,
I believe it usually means that they're interred outside the Parish in which they normally reside and where they died that's all.
If for example they have family members who have a family grave say in Norton Cemetery as mine are they could request to be interred with their family if there's available space and other family members allow it.
I may be wrong of course and I'm sure someone will be along to add to it.

Marlene C.

Re: Grave removal

All my Griffin family are from the Norton area and died in that area, not sure about Dan Redfearn and Elizabeth Stacey they don't appear to be part of my family but I could be wrong. I can understand if my Grandma Florence Griffin died elsewhere that could explain why it says removed from Wadsley I know she had connections in the Wadsley area. She is buried with my Grandfather William in Norton Cemetery together with their daughter Florence Short my Aunt.