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William George Frith 1766 - 1821 and George Frith 1760 - 1834

William and George Frith were brothers and surgeons, apothecaries and landowners in Sheffield and Harthill respectively. William Frith was the father, out of wedlock, of William George Bradshaw in 1819 with Ann Bradshaw. William George Bradshaw was my 2 x great-grandfather. They were Roman Catholics. I am hoping that someone may be able to provide me some information on William and George and how Ann Bradshaw may have fitted in with them.

Re: William George Frith 1766 - 1821 and George Frith 1760 - 1834

Sheffield Archives hold ref HC/84 an Apprenticeship indenture of John Carr, son of John Carr of Sheffield, grocer, to George Bower, surgeon and apothecary 10 Oct 1821
It states that Carr was previously apprenticed to William George Frith, late of Sheffield, surgeon and apothecary, who died Jul [1821] before the apprenticeship was complete. Carr was lately employed by Mr Samuel Foulds of Sheffield, surgeon and apothecary.

also ref FC/P/SheS/379S A plan dated 1829 of the lot of land taken by Thomas Fisher of George Frith of Harthill surgeon - as drawn upon the lease and counterpart conformable as the instructions of John Dixon attorney

In August 1825 the Iris advertised the auction of 1 acre 5 perches of freehold land owned for many years by William George Frith and George Frith after being puchased from the Duke of Norfolk. The land was bounded - on the east by land lately owned by Thomas Holy, on the west by Eyre street, on the north by Earl street and on the south by Jessop street. The land was rented out to Jonathan Shaw, Thomas Fisher, Edwin Unwin, Joseph Houldsworth and William Cowley for a total annual rent of £43 18s. On other parts of the land were built ten separate dwelling houses and two workshops, let out to tenants for a total annual rent of £60.

Leader's "Sheffield in the Eighteenth Century" states:
...and in Westbar was Mr William Frith, though he is more generally known in connection with Norfolk Street, where he afterwards lived. He was surgeon to the Loyal Independent Sheffield Volunteers, usually called "The Blues", and satirised by Mather as "Raddle-Neck'd Tups" The nickname of "Dr Inkbottle" was conferred on Mr Frith because on the occasion of a public dinner at the Tontine he so far forgot himself as to carry away a bottle, supposing it to contain wine. It proved , however, to be a bottle of ink, and the doctor's chagrin was perpetuated in a cognomen which never left him.
Another story of Mr Firth is that, being ill, he sent for Dr Arnold Knight and another medical friend. They told him he might have an ounce of brandy. The next day this conversation took place. "Ah, you feel better?" "Yes, much better" "Did you take the ounce of brandy?" "I took all I could, but I could not get down more than twelve glasses" "Twelve glasses?" "Yes; you know there are sixteen drams in an ounce, and I could not swallow more than twelve."

Re: William George Frith 1766 - 1821 and George Frith 1760 - 1834

The administration documents for William George Frith’s estate are available via the Borthwick Institute.
If you have access to FMP you can find the link for ordering it online in their wills and probate section.


Re: William George Frith 1766 - 1821 and George Frith 1760 - 1834

Many thanks for your post. If you find anything else please let me know.

Re: William George Frith 1766 - 1821 and George Frith 1760 - 1834

Very interesting. Many thanks. I would love to have more stories and anecdotes like this.

Re: William George Frith 1766 - 1821 and George Frith 1760 - 1834

Thanks. I have ordered some of the probate files through the Borthwick Institute but at present orders are taking weeks to be processed. William George Frith died intestate so there is not a lot of information in the file.

Re: William George Frith 1766 - 1821 and George Frith 1760 - 1834

Hi Christopher et al,
It is possible Ann Bradshaw was born 1796 and possibly died 1869 Ecclesall Bierlow age 73. There is also Probate in 1869 with Beneficiary: Ebenezer Bradshaw.

1861 Census: Crookesmoor Road, Nether Hallam
Ann Bradshaw age 64 Single (Landed Proprietor)
Albert Bradshaw age 11 (nephew)

1851 Census: Commonside, Ecc.Bier.
Ann Bradshaw age 54 Lodger, sister in law, unmarried
lodging with Isaac Slack age 69 widow(was married to Elizabeth Bradshaw)
and his children: Jonathan 33, Elizabeth 23, Mary Ann 18.

1941 Census: Crookesmoor, Nether Hallam
Sarah Bowman age 85 Independent
Mary Ann Machon age 30 Servant
Ann Bradshaw age 45
Note: there are 2 Ann Bradshaw's on the 1841 census one is an Independent the other is a servant.
Maybe one of S.I. experts could dig a little to clarify..??.
Ref: Family Search website.
HAPPY HUNTING:sleuth_or_spy:

Re: William George Frith 1766 - 1821 and George Frith 1760 - 1834

Hello Wendy

Many thanks for your reply and information. I struggled to find Ann Bradshaw through records so I starting searching DNA relatives with a connection to Ann Bradshaw and I found that I have a number of distant cousins descended from Ann Bradshaw and her husband, William Bilbrough. Here's an outline of what I have found so far:

Ann Bradshaw born early in 1796 in Sheffield to John and Elizabeth Bradshaw. She was baptised at the Cathedral of Saint Peter and Paul in Sheffield on July 3, 1796. She would have been 23 when she gave birth to William George Frith Bradshaw. How she knew William George Frith may never be known.

I haven't found a marriage record yet but on all census records she is shown as the wife of William Bilbrough, a Table Knife Cutler, who was born on January 12,1802 in Yorkshire to Andrew and Rebecca Bilbrough. They had 3 daughters:

Anne Bilbrough 1829-1898
Ellen Bilbrough 1832-
Jane Rebecca Bilbrough 1837-1874

I have not found any descendants of Anne or Ellen yet but Jane Rebecca Bilbrough was married twice:

1. John Booth 1835-1860. They had 2 children:

John William Booth 1858-1922
Frank Ernest Booth 1860-1862 (died at 2 years old)

2. Morgan Sanderson 1839–1890. They had 1 child:

Alfred Sanderson 1862–1911

John William Booth was very prolific and with his wife Amy Elliott had 10 children, all born in the greater Sheffield area.:

Anne Elizabeth 1883-
John Charles 1885-1956
Ernest William 1899-1967
George Arthur 1894-1977
Ellen Ada 1896-1983
Twins: Clarence & Maurice 1900-1902
Mae 1902
James Edwin 1903-1972
Evelyn 1904-1998

There are many in the following generation but most are still private because they are still alive. Ellen Ada and Evelyn both emigrated to the US and there are a number of their descendants living in California.

I would be interested in hearing from any Sheffield Indexers connected to these families.

Re: William George Frith 1766 - 1821 and George Frith 1760 - 1834

William Bilbrough,of this Parish,Bachelor and Ann Bradshaw, of this Parish, Spinster, Were married in this Church by Banns with Consent of [blank] this twentyfifth Day of January in the Year One thousand eight hundred and twenty nine
By Me Edw Gladwin Spirt. Minr
This Marriage was solemnized bewteen us William Bilbrough, Ann Bradshaw [both signed]
In the Presence of William Stratford, Joseph Hudson [parish clerk]

In May of that year a William Bilbrough had his silver watch stolen at Sheffield, and John Walker was sentenced at Pontefract to seven years transportation.
A William Bilbrough aged 52 was buried at St Philips on 2nd October 1854. Probate was granted at York in December 1857 for a William Bilbrough of Sheffield (vol.246, f.642
Index reference 2704/14