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Sarah Atkin & Thomas Silvester/Sylvester

G'day folks

I can't find a suitable death or burial record for Susan. She had her last kid in 1835 so I suspect she died around that time.

B abt 1807

Thomas 1796-1862 Cutler


Correction Re: Sarah Atkin & Thomas Silvester/Sylvester

Correction - she appears on 1861 Census & 1871 Census as a widow.

I've not been able to find a baptism record for her.

The death and burials Ive found are for 1882 which in light of finding 1871 census that may be right. So my gap is the 1841 & 1851 Census.

Any ideas please?


Re: Sarah Atkin & Thomas Silvester/Sylvester

Is that Susan or Sarah - your post is confusing

Re: Sarah Atkin & Thomas Silvester/Sylvester

I can find a Sarah Jow, 42 (widow) with Daughters Elizabeth and Ann living on Oborne St with Thos Sylvester, 55 (widow) also Charles Sylvester (17) in 1851.

1861, Living as man and wife (looks like they got married in Rotherham in 1852, his name as Silvester) with Charles and also Walter Jow, grandson (illegitimate son of Elizabeth Jow).

Is this the correct set of folk?

Re: Sarah Atkin & Thomas Silvester/Sylvester

In 1871, Sarah Sylvester is living with Walter Jow on Oborne Street as widow again.

Next door in her daughter Ann Wilkinson (she married a Joseph Wilkinson in 1856) and her children, she is also noted as widow.

Re: Sarah Atkin & Thomas Silvester/Sylvester


My posts were a right balls up. It's a shame I can't find a way to edit the first post.

Sarah Atkin married Thomas Silvester/Sylvester December 1818 at St Peters Parish Church Sheffield

I've got approximate birth for her of 1807 in Sheffield

1841 Census Roscoe Place Sheffield - Cutler - no sign of wife & does not say widowed or married
1851 Census 3 Osborne Street Brightside - Cutler and widower
1861 Census King Street - Brass Filer and Married to "sarah"
1862 Dead

Can a cutler revert to a Brass Filer?
I suspect there are two wives named Sarah.
Maybe I've got the wrong 1861 Census?

Second Sarah could be Jow
Married her when?
When did first Sarah die

Hope thats much clearer and fingers crossed Ive not made a balls up again.


Re: Sarah Atkin & Thomas Silvester/Sylvester


I reckon you're right about two wives called Sarah. Quite a few people called Sarah Silvester or Sylvester died in Sheffield or Rotherham in the relevant period.

Thomas Silvester married Sarah Atkin in the parish church, Sheffield on Thursday 3 December 1818, the witnesses being good old Joseph Hudson the parish clerk, and James Hobson. Sarah Atkin can’t have been born in 1807, because she would have been too young to get married in 1818.

Incidentally, a Thomas Silvester married a Sarah Guest on Tuesday 11 August 1829, witnesses being James Dempsey and Joseph Hudson.

I think you’ve got the same Thomas Sylvester in 1851 and 1861, it certainly looks like there’s links there.

With places and approximate dates of birth, in 1851 in Oborne Street you have Sarah Gow (Head) 1809 Wadsley (which is certainly part of Sheffield now), Ann Gow 1834 Sheffield, Elizabeth Gow 1839 Sheffield, James Brook (lodger) 1792 Stowe Lincolnshire, Thomas Sylvester (lodger) 1796 Sheffield, and Charles Sylvester (lodger) 1834 Warwick.

Then in 1861 in King Street you have Thomas Sylvester (head), 1796 Sheffield, Sarah Sylvester (wife) 1807 Sheffield, Charles Sylvester (son) 1834 Warwick, and Walter Jow (grandson) 1857 in Sheffield.

It looks to me like widower Thomas married his widowed landlady, Mrs. Gow / Jow.

A Thomas Sylvester married either Sarah Jow or Harriett Ault in Rotherham in Q4 1852 (9C 582).

Men did have a strong tendency (I think) to stick to the same trade and there was a lot of pride attached to those skills. However they might have had to change trade as they got older for health reasons or because their specific trade faced a loss of demand or technological changes, etc. So it might have been that whatever part of the cutlery trade Thomas learned as a younger man wasn’t possible for him at age 65, hence becoming a brass filer by the time of the 1861 census to keep some money coming in.


Andrew P.

Re: Sarah Atkin & Thomas Silvester/Sylvester


Good point about Sarah's age so I've changed it to about 1800 and hope something turns up.

Thomas's youngest child was born 1835 so Sarah 1 must have died around that time, freeing him up to marry Sarah 2.

If he did marry Gow then I'd need her maiden name to find the marriage record. I have looked on Ancestry for marriages for him and here on SI's without success. I search both spellings of his surname.

So someone is not a cutler for life then?

Re: Sarah Atkin & Thomas Silvester/Sylvester


It just occurred to me (a bit slow on the uptake sometimes) that the first Sarah might well have died in Warwick, where their son Charles was born. The baptismal records for Charles Silvester and his sister Eliza say that their parents lived in Bowling Green Street. A Sarah Silvester, 40 years of age, residing in Bowling Green Street, died in 1837 and was buried on 29 January 1837 at St. Mary's nearby (in the centre of Warwick).

Which would explain why there was no sign of Sarah in Roscoe Field in 1841 (near Shalesmoor somewhere, I think).



Re: Sarah Atkin & Thomas Silvester/Sylvester

Thomas Sylvester is my 4 x great uncle. I have not done much research on him, but I do have him marring Sarah Atkin as one of posters above stated. I do have a tree on ancestry if you message me I will give you access to my tree.

Re: Sarah Atkin & Thomas Silvester/Sylvester

He's my 4 x Great Grandfather.

My Tree is public on Ancestry so you should be able to pick it up via Member Connect.