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Holly Street side of City Hall


When I was little, 1950's, we used to go in a restaurant/cafe down the side of the Waterworks building and between the City Hall is it Holly Street/Lane. My Mother said you could get a cheap meal, something to do with WW2. It is a vague memory and my Mother could not remember its name. Any Ideas? Thank you

Re: Holly Street side of City Hall

Kathleen I think they was called British Restraunts there was also one in Pond Street
opposite the LMS station I used them as youngster to buy a penny rock cake Patrick

Re: Holly Street side of City Hall

I had never heard of the name. All I remember going up stairs to a canteen type place roughly where the car park or was. Strange what stops in your head, walked down there a couple of years ago and the memory came back. Thank you so much for your help

Re: Holly Street side of City Hall

Hi Patrick,

British Restaurant, Bakers Pool, Picture Sheffield looks like an old factory with table & Chairs just as it is in my head. Amazing Thank you