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Dransfield/Kilner Hoylandswaine

I'm looking for the parish records which may tell me more info about the marriage of George Dransfield to Mary Kilner in 1895. I've found them in the Marriage indexes for the 1st qtr od 1895, but this doesn't tell me which Mary Kilner George married. I believe it is the daughter of Janet Kilner and poss. Chappell (although she was born before their marriage). But a family relative says he was told it was a different Mary. Mary was born in Hoylandswaine which comes under the area of Wortley, which agrees with the national register, but I can't find where the parish registers might be that could give me the name of the bride's father, to help confirm which Mary. I know this is a common name in the area, not sure if it comes under Sheffield or Barnsley. Any help much appreciated. Thank you

Re: Dransfield/Kilner Hoylandswaine


If they are not at Sheffield Archives it could be Penistone.

Check this out.

Have you tried Family Search also?

Would help if you could give us YOB for the couple.

I have one DRANSFIELD in my tree Lillian. born I am guessing about 1910.

Elaine in Ottawa.

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Re: Dransfield/Kilner Hoylandswaine

Is this the family in 1881 in Hoyland. St John the Evengeline Parish.
address Mustard Hill Hoylandswaine

Alfred Chappell Head Male 36 Hoylandswaine, Yorkshire, England
Jennet Chappell Wife Female 36 Hoylandswaine, Yorkshire, England
Anne Kilner Daughter Female 12 Hoylandswaine, Yorkshire, England
Albert Kilner Son Male 9 Hoylandswaine, Yorkshire, England
**Mary Kilner Daughter Female 7 Hoylandswaine, Yorkshire, England
Emily Chappell Daughter Female 5 Hoylandswaine, Yorkshire, England
Fred Chappell Son Male 3 Hoylandswaine, Yorkshire, England
Melinda Chappell Daughter Female 1Hoylandswaine, Yorkshire, Engla

Alfred and Janet married 1873.

on the GRO index Mary's mother is listed as a Kilner.

I haven't checked the 1871 census to see who Janet & children were living with.

Elaine in Ottawa

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Re: Dransfield/Kilner Hoylandswaine

Thank you for your very quick reply. This is the family which I believe is the correct Mary. I was always happy that this was correct. George and Mary were my maternal grandmother's parents, which is why I wanted to know if I had the correct Mary. Although I don't know for sure that Alfred was Mary's father, that is the family which I believe are my ancestors.
Thank you for the information about the Penistone Archive site. I saw the picture of Alf Chappell the nail maker and hoped he could have been my family member.

Oddly enough I have many links with Hoylandswaine in my tree. My paternal grandmother, Rachel Hudson, also came from there, on the census of 1911, they were at the Lord Nelson Inn in Hoylandswaine, where her father, Walter Hudson was landlord. Rumour has it that he drank himself to death, Grandma was tea-total all the time that I knew her. Even my dad drank very little.

I have the Chappell/Kilners from 1881 to 1911, but no earlier yet.
Thank you again for your help.

Re: Dransfield/Kilner Hoylandswaine

Hi Linda et al,
Worth checking out as a possible:
1841 Haig Head, Silkstone,Wortley
William.Kilner - 65 - (1775 -1847)??
Elizabeth Kilner -65 - (1775 - 1846)??
Mary Kilner - 20 ?? -(1820/21)
Jane Kilner - 5-(1836/37)
James Kilner = 1 - (1840.41) Jane and James Mary's children

1851 Hoylandswaine, Hamper Lane
Mary Kilner - 36 (1815) Nailmaker
Jane " - 14 (1836/7)
Janet " - 6 (1845)

1861 Hoylandswaine, Hall Lane
Mary Kilner 45 unmarried charwoman
Jane " 24
James " 20
Jennet 16
Joshua 9
William 4
Melinda (aka Melina) 1 GRAND DAUGHTER
1871 Hoylandswaine/Penistone
Jennet 27, Joshua 20, William 15, Annie 0 all living with Jonathon Lenior family (farmer)
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Re: Dransfield/Kilner Hoylandswaine

Thank you, Wendy, plenty there to keep me busy. You must have spent ages finding them, your help is much appreciated.

Re: Dransfield/Kilner Hoylandswaine

Hi Linda,
You are very welcome, I hope it turns out to be the family that belongs to you.
Most of the info was on Family Search website which is free.

HAPPY HUNTING :sleuth_or_spy: