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Edit facility in your messages

The apparently intermittent problem with disappearance of the EDIT function in messages is not directly a fault of our system.
If you post a message you will see immediately that you have the edit function, and it will remain for an hour.
However, if you are using a desktop computer and you immediately close down the Indexers site, then open it again, the Edit function will have disappeared.
This does not happen if you are using a tabet or similar
It seems to be a fairly recent phenomenon so I suspect it is some small glitch in Windows 10.
The answer is, if you do post a message and want to use the edit function, do not close Indexers down in the hour after you post
Hope that helps

Edit (immediately). Elaine, please delete my TEST message from the Forum.
This is on my Desktop so now about to close after posting and I will lose the Edit

Edit function in your messages - your help needed please


Sometime ago we were having problems with the EDIT function after posting a message on the forum (Dave Ts post explains). So this is immediately after you have made the post and it appears on the forum.

We reported the problem to Bravenet but they were unable to recreate the problem so couldnt help, other than to make a few suggestions to try.

We still seem to be having the same problem despite Bravenet's advice, so we need to go back to them again. It will help if we can provide multiple examples of this happening.

So we need your help - it would be great if when posting (or if you've posted recently)you could email me directly with the following information - if you do not see the EDIT function immediately after posting:

Browser used (Chrome, Firefox etc)
Operating System (Windows 10 etc)
Device (Laptop,Desktop,Tablet,Phone)

Any help greatly appreciated, so that we can hopefully get a solution