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Re: Occupation Shether

Hi Elaine,

I have done no work on this line since we last spoke about it, I just became
so frustrated about where and who to join the lines together. I still think
we are on the right track.
Ralph, the father of William, died in 1704 when William was only about
five years old and there were three other siblings underage, so, when Willam
was old enough, was he 'farmed' out.


Re: Occupation Shether

Hi Moira,

Just thought I would have another kick at the old "Brickwall" Just wish I could wiggle my nose and go back then to sort it all out. LOL.

Take Care.


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Re: Occupation Shether

Hi Elaine,
Thanks again for the url instructions.
Just looking on Family Search, I do not know how much info you have on your Ralph Woodhous or whether what I have found is relevant to your tree but here goes:

Ralph Woodhous(e)married Allice Bearrow (Alice Beardon) by licence from Chesterfield 26/Jan/1685. Ralph from Dore, Alice from Woodthorpe.
Ralph died 1704 Tottley(Totley) Alice (widow) died 1728 Dore.

possible children some of whom died in early childhood:
Mary B:1688 Totley,
Allice B:..?? Buried 25th Oct/1689 (Totley)
Robert B:1690 Totley
Grace B:1693
William B:1699 Totley
??Hannah B:1702 Totley

there were probably a few more..!!
HAPPY HUNTING:sleuth_or_spy:

Re: Occupation Shether

Hi Wendy,

We just needed a non family member to get us going again. LOL.

I just couldn't sort Alice Bearrow out because of her surname. They are my 7x great grandparents.

I use Family Search often but hadn't for this family in some time.
Now to get going again.

Elaine in a soggy Ottawa.
Yearning for spring.

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Re: Occupation Shether

Wendy, Grace Woodhouse, the sister of Ralph, died at the house of her
mother Mary and was buried 14 Nov 1680 at Dronfield, it also states she is the daughter on Anthonie.

Ralph Woodhouse was baptised 11 June 1644 at Dronfield, father - Anthonie.
Grace Woodhouse was baptised 5 Nov 1648 at Dronfield, father - Anthonie.

In his will Ralph mentions his brothers Robert and Anthony and sister Alice.
His mother Mary was buried 27 Feb 1700 at Dronfield.
There is an Anthonie Woodhouse buried 16 Oct 1678 at Dronfield.

This is about as far as Elaine and I have reached.

From a very very soggy Dronfield,


Re: Occupation Shether

Shether/Sheather is a scabbard maker as in Vaginarius this is from a booklet I have on early occupations.

Re: Occupation Shether

Hi John,

Thank you for the information. I will have to get hold of my scabbard and extract the knife to cut through this Woodhouse headache.LOL.

Elaine in Ottawa.

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