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Removed from parish (Burial)


This is my GG Grandfather, what is the meaning of removed from Sheffield parish? Is his grave now at some other location? I have been to the cemetery and there is no headstone there now.

I hope someone can help me with what this means.


PARTRIDGE, Charles (~, age 65).
Died at Royal Hospital; Buried on October 26, 1922 in General ground;
Grave Number 1225, Section KK of Burngreave Cemetery, Sheffield.
Parent or Next of Kin if Available: . Remarks: Officiating Minister, W A Mildon: Removed from Sheffield Parish.
Plot Owner: of . Page No
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Re: Removed from parish (Burial)

Hi Andy,

In this instance "removed" from the Parish refers to the ecclesiastical parish of Sheffield.Its very old terminology. Which means the present day core of Sheffield not the greater area. Burngreave I believe is in the Pitsmoor District and would probably fall into the Ecclesiastical Parish of Christ Church.

The Royal Hospital which I believe was on West Street would fall under Sheffield Parish and the Cemetery was outside that area. Hence the statement "Removed from the Parish".

Hope this helps.

Elaine in Ottawa.

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Re: Removed from parish (Burial)

... and we are talking about the removal of the *body* from the place where death took place or where the body lay between death and burial, rather than moving the *grave*.

As I have said in previous discussions (you can find them by searching for 'removed' in this forum), the column for 'removed from' in these registers tends to be superfluous for a large town or city. It would be more relevant in rural areas. When the clerks wrote 'Sheffield' I don't think they were necessarily thinking of the fine distinctions between townships within the borough.


Re: Removed from parish (Burial)

I agree with Hugh. Most of my relatives as recently deceased as 1920's/30's lived and died in Heeley Parish but were interred in their family grave in Norton Cemetery (Norton Parish).
In the burial records all say "removed from Parish".

Marlene C.

Re: Removed from parish (Burial)

Thank you for all your replies to my post, all understood now