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Names on War Memorials

Good evening everyone, help me out please !

Who is it that has recorded the names and associated information on the Sheffield War Memorials.
Is there a URL to refer to ?

Look forward to your replies

I seem to remember the name was Dean ??



Re: Names on War Memorials

Just searched and found the Sheffield Soldier site !

Unfortunately the name I am seeking William Edgar Crowther, Medical Corps, KIA in Italy
November 30 1944 is not on there.


Re: Names on War Memorials

A further search and I find records of British Soldiers killed in Italy.

William Edger Crowther is buried in the cemetery at Faenza

How complete is the Sheffield Soldier site ?

What I would like to discover is if his name is transcribed on a Sheffield memorial !

Re: Names on War Memorials

Seek and you will find !!

Found his name recorded in Faenza Cemetery

William Edgar Crowther Private Royal Army Medical Corps died 30 November 1944 No 7371439

Son of George Arnold and Alice Adelaide Crowther of Sheffield

Re: Names on War Memorials

A real long shot, but I will try to find photos of the graves in Faenza Cemetery

Can anyone help with that task ?

Re: Names on War Memorials

My gast is flabberd !

Found a photo of William Edgar's gravestone !

Someone I know is going to be well pleased !

Some absolutely astonishing information on the web relating to British War dead !

Really hoping that his name has been recorded somewhere on a Sheffield memorial