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Thomas Greaves from Sheffield abt 1723

Hi all,
The 6th great-grandfather of my wife turned out to be THOMAS GREAVES born in Sheffield, Yorkshire who married a dutch girl called Elisabeth Schrap in may 1757 in Rotterdam (The Netherlands). According to the same mariage record he was 'minister in congregation' of the English Presbytarian Church in Holland.
The couple got 2 children in Holland called Thomas (1760) and Hannah (1762). Nothing on his parents, exact age, migration date or anything at all. From another source (not confirmed) I believe he was born abt. 1723.
Ofcourse nice to know we pronounced the surname completely wrong for some generations and we will definitely put Sheffield on our wish list for a holiday visit.....but I was looking for some leads on that Thomas Greaves from Sheffield.
I started searching the internet for genealogy in the UK only to find out Greaves is a much more common name in the UK than over here and on top of that dozens are called Thomas ;-)
Was hoping some of the active Sheffield Indexers would be able to give me some guidance on where and how to continue the search.
Thanks for considering my request and looking forward to your reactions.
Regards, Luke

Re: Thomas Greaves from Sheffield abt 1723

Hi Luke,

There is a baptism on this site.
Thomas Greaves baptised 6 December 1723, father - Richard, labourer
Sheffield Parish Church (now Cathedral).


Re: Thomas Greaves from Sheffield abt 1723

Thanks Moira.
I did some more investigations in in the National Archive in NL and found out he was married twice (that's the link I could not confrm earlier), found 6 children so far, he died on 30 May 1798 at the age of 75. So he is defintely from 1723.
I found the baptism record you referred to and he is the only Thomas Greaves in that year (well, at least on record) so I am going to assume I found him.... THANKS!
Will search for relatives later.
Regards, Luke