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Baptism records Windle

I am trying to establish if the following might be sons of Thomas Winnell/Windle ad Martha Kinsey. I have used Ancestry, FMP and Familysearch however have only obtained the same basic information and am hoping there are other sources which might provide more information.

I have baptism details of two sons named Kinsey 1718-1718 and 1719-1794 which give Thomas’ occupation as ‘dyer’. However, I’m trying to work out if any of the following belong to the same family. They were all baptised at Sheffield and the father’s name is Thomas Windle, a name which seemed to be interchanged with Winnell on many occasions.

John 18 Dec 1707
Thomas 15 Sep 1710
James 31 Aug 1712
Matthew 20 Feb 1717
Samuel 26 Sep 1717

Bev Wilson
Melbourne, Australia

Re: Baptism records Windle

Bev, sorry cannot help with the baptisms. In case you have not seen them the following are available in Burials over to the left:
Thomas Winell a dyer, buried 1723 Sheffield
James and John Windle, , sons of Thomas, both died young.

On FMP Martha Windle seems to have re married in 1824 in Sheffield.

Re: Baptism records Windle

Thanks Dave. I did have the death for Thomas but not the children. I guess I struggle a little with claiming a Windle as a Winnell unless I can find some corroborating evidence. I guess an unrealistic expectation given the period!!! I'll check out the Martha who married in 1823. So many Martha's in later generation it will take a bit of sifting through.

Thanks for your suggestions.Sheffield Indexers can always be relied upon to advance one's research just that bit further.

Many thanks to you and the team.

Re: Baptism records Windle

Bev, just realised the marriage of Martha Winnell in 1724 is on this site in Parish Records. She was a widow.
On the spelling, it is necessary to realise the almost everyone was illiterate so they could only pronounce their name, and the listener , usually the vicar, spelled what he heard. In this case realise that the person may have said Windle or perhaps he said the same sound but missed the d, ie Winle. The hearer would write Winnel which today we would pronounce with emphasis on the e but you should pronounce it with emphasis on the i . Dialects also came into play.

Re: Baptism records Windle

Bev, when Thomas 25yrs and Martha 19yrs applied for a marriage licence, dated
13 Aug 1706, the spelling is WINNELL. Unusually, the intended marriage place
is given as either Sheffield P.C. or Rotherham P.C.
When they did marry on the 4 Nov 1706, it is spelled WINDLE.
So, Dave is right about how other people heard the name and how it was spelt.
Have you ordered a copy of the licence? it might give you more information
about Thomas and Martha.

The Matthew Windle bap 20 Feb 1716, his father Thomas was a cutler, so not one
of yours. Without an occupation, it is not possible to tell which Thomas
the other baps. belong to.


Re: Baptism records Windle

Thanks Moira.

I did have my doubts about James, Matthew and Samuel as those names have not featured in the subsequent 6 generations of the family. An unusual occurrence given the family were sticklers for following naming patterns. I have obtained copies of the marriage licences of Thomas and Martha and also their son Kinsey's marriage licence to Catherine Goodyear. Not a lot of extra information however it allowed me to confirm relationships.