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Chorlton Street


Does anyone know where Chorlton Street was please as it's not showing up on Google Maps? Harriet was my great-grandfather's sister and all I know is that she was sent somewhere away from the family home when she contracted TB.

FORDIE, Harriet Sarah (~, age 17).
Died at Chorlton St; Buried on August 23, 1888 in Consecrated ground;
Grave Number 268, Section ~ of St Thomas Cemetery, Brightside.
Parent or Next of Kin if Available: ~. Remarks: ~.
Plot Owner: ~ ~ of ~. Page No 154


Re: Chorlton Street

HI Carol
I could be wrong but I think this may be Charlton Street (off Hawke Street, between Brightside Lane and Attercliffe Common.

It seems that once the residents of Charlton Street died and were buried at St Thomas's on Brightside, their address was entered as Chorlton Street. There are quite a few.
Maybe the vicar (Thomas Hulme) was from Manchester!


Re: Chorlton Street

Hi Al

You could well be correct. I've just looked at Hawke Street on Google Maps and it was very close to where her parents lived on Carbrook Street.

Thanks for your help