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I am researching a Miss Norah Leary who died on 14th December 1937 she died in a snow storm at a place called Midhopestones Sheffield. I have found records saying her death was recorded in Wortley but would like to know where she was buried and if there would be a grave stone, with any details on the stone.

Re: Burial

Hi Marlene

She was buried on 18 December 1937 in Tinsley Park Cemetery, grave number IA87gp.
The record gives her address as 34 Birch Road, Sheffield.


Just found a newspaper article about Nora. She was out rambling with some friends when a huge blizzard hit; she died of exposure bless her. I'll try and email you a copy of the article

Re: Burial

Would there be anyone who could check for me to see if there would have been a grave stone would be interesting to see what inscription would be seen if anything is mentioned about the horrific death. I do have an newspaper article of the tragic death I also have a copy photo of a group of men carrying her body on a very icy country lane. A photo of the grave would be appreciated if possible as I live too far away to check this out.