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Can you help me, I am looking for Martha Jane Broadbent born April - june 18776 in Lancester Durham and baptized 21 - 03 - 1876 in Durham her father's name is given as Mark Broadbent
on the 30 - 05 - 1898 she married GARN (Gamliel or Gam) Hepworth Huddersfield her fathers is named as Mark Broadbent. On the 16 - 01 1928 she married Joseph Haigh her father's name is given as Mark Broadbent Yet in the 1881 her parent's name's are given as Mathew & Mary Broadbent Yet in the 1891 census Marta Jane Broadbent is named as Niece to Mathew & Matilda (Mathews second Wife.
Could the 1881 census have been misprinted. this is the only 1881 census I have found for a Martha Jane broadbent.
My very best wishes.
Fred Wheatcroft.


The Martha Jane Broadbent I have found born 1876 married Sam Battye in 1896. In 1901 Sam is written as Gam Battye!
You may also notice that on the 1881 census living in the same house as the Broadbents is Lydia Battye age 72 - so there may be some connection to the Battye family. Perhaps Sam was a distant cousin! Mary Broadbent - Marthas mother was a Battye.


Hi Fred,

Martha Jane Broadbent was baptised 21 March 1876 at Tow Law, Durham.
Parents - Mark and Dorothea Jane.

Mark Broadbent married Dorothy Jane Barron, Mar Q 1875, Durham 10a 534.
Dorothy Jane Broadbent, buried 16 Feb 1878, St Cuthbert, Satley, Durham.

In 1891 when Martha Jane is living with Matthew and Matilda Broadbent, Martha's
place of birth is given as Tow Law, Durham. Matthew's place of birth is given
as Cartworth (Cartworth is a township in the parish of Kirkburton).
Next door to them is a Luke Broadbent and his family, Luke is born in Wooldale, Yks.

1871 census - Edge Terrace, Wooldale, Huddersfield.
Samuel Broadbent, 50yrs, born Wooldale, Yks.
Martha Broadbent, 50yrs, born Wooldale, Yks.
Mark Broadbent, son, 22yrs, born Cartworth, Yks.
Lucy Broadbent, dau, 13yrs, born Wooldale,Yks.
Luke Broadbent, son, 10yrs, delver, born Wooldale.
Ellen Broadbent, dau, 8yrs, born Wooldale, Yks.

1851 census - Lower Bentley, Wooldale, Huddersfield.
Samuel Broadbent, 30yrs, Stone delvers lab.
Martha Broadbent, wife, 30yrs, hand loom weaver.
Matthew Broadbent, son, 6yrs,
Hannah Broadbent, dau 4yrs.
Mark Broadbent, son, 2yrs. All born Kirkburton, Yks.

Marriage Dec Q 1879, Huddersfield, 9a 447
Mark Broadbent to Martha Heppelstone.

1881 census - Old Magnum, Holme, Huddersfield.
Mark Broadbent, head, mar, 31yrs, Stone delver, born Cartworth, Yks.
Martha Broadbent, wife, 30yrs, born Hepworth, Yks.
John G. Broadbent, son, 5yrs, born Tow Law, Durham.
Alice, Broadbent, dau, 7 months, born Cartworth.

It would appear that Martha Jane Broadbent is the niece of Matthew.