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William morrell and Elizabeth morrell

I had a newspaper article sent to me concerning a manslaughter in ecclesfield 1841,a relative of my was drinking in the tavern called the travellers.he got into a fight and was stabbed to death, the landlords was called william and elizabeth morrell, elizabeth morrell states that one of the murdered mans brothers was married to her sister,as i have all the brothers married in the family i cannot find who Elizabeth morrell sister is or her surname be for marriage to William morrell,his name was Joseph Cooke who was murdered by Thomas twigg, cannot find any thing on the morrells after 1841 in the travellers pub,
Also dont know we're the morrells got married,ages,or if had any children,
Thankyou any info helpful.

Re: William morrell and Elizabeth morrell

According to GRO index a William Morrell died Wortley 1849 age 44 and an Elizabeth Morrell died Wortley 1876 age 74. If they are yours then you are looking for just Elizabeth in the censuses.

Re: William morrell and Elizabeth morrell

Thankyou for reply this would make there births around 1802/1805
Would it be possible to find elizabeths surname befor marraige to morrell.

Re: William morrell and Elizabeth morrell

He married Elizabeth Holms on 12/11/1820 in Ecclesfield

Re: William morrell and Elizabeth morrell


Another possible marriage is on 1 Nov 1830 to a Elizabeth Beet at Sheffield Cathedral.


Re: William morrell and Elizabeth morrell

thanks sue s
With the article i was sent about the murder of thomas cooke,the witness Elizabeth morrell stated that one of the deceased brothers had married her sister,
now i have all of his brothers with there wifes but not a Holms,
so now with you finding the Elizabeth Beet marriage 1830 sheffield cathedral,i am now wondering if this is elizabeth morrell,and her surname not being Holms but beet,unless she was married befor to a Holms,as i do have a marriage for a Charles cooke to a Jane beet 1840,
so elizabeth morrell could be the older sister of Jane beet

Re: William morrell and Elizabeth morrell

Hi Mr Cook/Sue,

Now thats making more sense. Age wise if she was Elizabeth Holms William would have been only 15 when they married which I dont think would have worked.

William Morrell baptised 10th Nov 1805 at Ecclesfield
born 10th October 1805. Fathers name John.

There are other Morrells baptised Ecclesfield.
S&DFHS have a CD and I did find them on Family Search (free)
Not 100% sure about Ancestry & FindMayPast.

Question do the Libraries in Sheffield still give free access to Ancestry or FindMyPast??????

Elaine in Ottawa.

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