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John Byron, Aged 15 years, 1841 Census - Ward Street Sheffield North

I am interested in finding out more information on a 1841 census record for Ward Street, Sheffield, being “piece number 1335/11, Folio number 27b, address of Ward Street” . I particularly am interested in John Byron who is aged 15 years old, and who he was living with at the time, and which the record reveals.
1. Can anyone advise whether the address of Ward Street, Sheffield is the one address within which there are fifteen (15) people residing, with the surnames of Byron x 1, Gardiner x 2, Housley x 5, and Irish x 7?
2. Is there anyway of establishing which family John Byron is residing with?
3. Can anyone confirm my thinking, that John Byron is staying with the ‘Irish’ family?
Why am I interesred in this John Byron? I am attempting to locate my great, great, great grandfather John Byron, who was born in East India around 1827, (possibly to a John Byron and Elizabeth McCarty who were married in Ghazeepore, West Bengal, India in 1826) and who was shipped from India to England when he was a child in the (1930’s). John later was sent, or took it upon himself to travel to, Australia on a date unknown. The first we hear of John BYRON in Australia is when he married Mary Halion (Hallian) on 13/05/1850 in Bungendore, NSW, Australia, and at which town he and his wife remained until his death in 1902. If anyone can clarify the above three questions it would be appreciated.
Geoff Byron

Re: John Byron, Aged 15 years, 1841 Census - Ward Street Sheffield North

Hi Geoff,

On the 1841 census, John Byron is 15 yrs old, a mason, not born in county.
In 1841, ages were rounded down to the nearest 0 or 5, giving a birth year of
between 1822 and 1826.

Marriage, 2 June 1844, Sheffield Parish Church.
John Byron, 22yrs, B, Mason, Ebenezer Street, father - Jno. Byron, Mason.
Hannah Nadin, 23yrs, S, Sims Croft, father - Wm. Nadin, Caster.

The marriage would give a birth year of 1822.

According to a newspaper report in 1843, a John Byron, mason of Ebenezer Street,
was discharged at the insolvent debtors court in Sheffield.

In 1841, to be sold at auction, six lease hold messuages or dwelling houses
in several occupations, one of which is Mr John Byron's, the owner. Four fronting
Ebenezer Street and two fronting Ward Street.

In 1836, John Byron,(Late Byron & Hickson), Mason, Bricklayer& Furnace Builder,
Ebenezer Street, Shales Moor, Sheffield.
John is informing the public of the dissolution of the partnership and has commenced business on his own account. He hopes to merit a continuance of his customers.
N.B. J. Byrons house, under the gateway of the Ebenezer Sunday School. Aug 31, 1836.

Courts of York, Probate Index.
John Byron of Shales Moor, Sheffield, Date Aug 1850.

Burial, 4 May 1848, John Byron, 46yrs, St. George, Sheffield. N.B.I.
This would give a birth year of about 1802. Is he the father of the above?


Re: John Byron, Aged 15 years, 1841 Census - Ward Street Sheffield North

Hi Moira,

Thank you for your reply, and the detailed information. It appears this may not be our John Byron, as he was married on 13/05/1850 to a Mary Halion (Hallian) at Bungendore, NSW, Australia, and not in Sheffield.

Further, his father, John Byron was employed by the East India Company, as an Apothecary in the 3rd Brigade Horse Artillery. He was killed in action on 21/12/1845 whilst fighting the Sikhs at the Battle of Ferozeshah. John Byron (senior) was married to a Elizabeth McCarty on 19/11/1826 in Ghazeepore, West Bengal, India, but in John Byron's Will he detailed at length how his then wife, Elizabeth, left him abruptly in 1839, running off with a male servant of theirs. He further reports how Elizabeth continued her infidelity with other male natives after leaving him. He reports how devastated, broken and embarrassed by Elizabeth's actions, and only left her one rupee in his Will.

He did not make mention of any children in his Will, and to date we have been unable to locate a birth record for our John Byron, born about 1827 in East India. It has been reported John and Elizabeth only had one child, and that was John Byron born 1827. Apparently John Byron senior, sent John Byron junior back to England when he was still a child (1830's), presumably to stay with family there.

At some stage, he arrived in Australia, but we are unable to locate how and when he arrived. The first record we have on John Byron in Australia, is when he married in 1850.

Any ideas on how I might find out further information Moira? I know it is a difficult time period, when records were not that good. Especially here in Australia.


Re: John Byron, Aged 15 years, 1841 Census - Ward Street Sheffield North

Hi again Moira

On this point, on the 1841 Census, I found anotherJohn Byron 14 old, residing in St Mary, Cheltenham, Gloucester, England, with a James Babcock 35 old, James Crass 20 old, and Mary Brown 20 old. All are listed as being employed as Hawkers. Is it possible you could find further information on this John Byron so we can work out whether or not he is our John Byron?

Kind regards

Geoff Byron

Re: John Byron, Aged 15 years, 1841 Census - Ward Street Sheffield North

The record for John BYRON in Cheltenham has an 'n' indicating 'not born in county'. This actually implies that he was born in another English county as there is a separate column for 'born in Scotland, Ireland or Foreign Parts'.

First named in the household is John Babcock rather than James.


Re: John Byron, Aged 15 years, 1841 Census - Ward Street Sheffield North

Thanks Hugh. I must admit, I thought that might be the case. I am clutching at straws perhaps ;-)