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Worldwide subscription to Ancestry

If someone has access to the above would it be possible to do a look up for me please?

Trying to find births of Charles Ewart Fursdon 1889, Clara Josephine Fursdon 1891 and Ernest Fursdon 1894. Their births are on Cook County Illinois births.

Father was George Fursdon and mother Rosetta. I know they returned to England in 1895 but don't know when they left.


Re: Worldwide subscription to Ancestry

Hello Jenny

I found this information on Family Search.

Charles E Fursdon born 21 Nov 1889, Chicago, Illinois.
Parents = George Fursdon & Rosetta J Banner

Female Fursdon born 1 Jun 1891, Chicago.
Parents: George Fursdon 28, born Criditin, *** shire
Rosetta Josephine, Bannor Fursdon, 27 born Eyite. ( should this be Exeter?)

These were transcripts.

Then for Ernest, there is a Draft Registration Card – image.

Date of birth given as 23 Jan 1894, Chicago
I’ll send a copy of the card.

I hope this helps


Re: Worldwide subscription to Ancestry

I never thought to look on Family Search. I was hoping for an occupation for George.
I have done research into this family for a friend and have just found a tree on Ancestry with a picture of Ernest but I couldn't understand why he had an American uniform on. Thanks to you I can confirm it's the right person as his date of birth matches with the information I already have.

Will do some more digging and see what I find.

Thank you so much


Re: Worldwide subscription to Ancestry

The family landed Southampton 27th June 1895 on the ship New York. Geo, his wife and three children Charles, Josephine and an infant. They seem to have resided in Devon where Rosetta Josephine Bannan - Georges wife came from.

Re: Worldwide subscription to Ancestry

Hi Sue

many thanks for your reply. I had found the family's return but was interested in finding the birth records for the children. I can't find an outward passenger list either!


Re: Worldwide subscription to Ancestry

Hi Jenny,

It is probably unlikely you will find the outward bound passage of George and Rosetta since records are very few and far between before 1890.
I think you can assume, they sailed in 1889 for two reasons:-

a) their marriage was registered in the March quarter of 1889 at Newton Abbot District of Devon. This could have meant they either married in that quarter and year or they married in Oct/Nov/Dec 1888 and did not register the marriage until 1889. Either way, one assumes they were around to make that registration.

b) their first child being born in Chicago Ill. in November 1889.

Happy Hunting
Wendy in Guelph:sleuth_or_spy:

Re: Worldwide subscription to Ancestry

Thanks for your reply Wendy. I was hoping to see a passenger list but never mind.