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Electoral Rolls

Hello super sleuths,:sleuth_or_spy: :sleuth_or_spy:

Can anyone help with some more recent history, possibly from electoral rolls.

Colin Samuel Roberts
B:1919 Sheffield, D:Nov/1984 (age 65) Sheffield

M: 1939 Surrey N.E.
Violet I.(poss.Ivy) Hemmings B:abt.1917 Kingston D:1981 (age 64) Sheffield

I recently discovered these deaths and was surprised because Colin (my second cousin)lived most of his life in Surrey and possibly Brighton and none of my family mentioned they had moved back to Sheffield.

I know they were not in Sheffield when we left England for Canada in 1964, so somewhere between then and the 80's they must have moved back to Sheffield which I find fascinating since Colin's wife was very much a southerner. They had one son Gary A. Roberts who I believe emigrated to Australia.

If I have the right kinfolk listed above, can anyone help with where they may have been living and when they appear on electoral rolls. (60's-84). Also if you have any burial info for them.

Many Thanks
Wendy in Guelph:sleuth_or_spy:

Re: Electoral Rolls

Hello Wendy
Colin Samuel Roberts, aged 65. was cremated in City Road Crematorium on 28th Sep 1984, cremation reference 137256. This is from an Index only as we are not allowed to look at the registers. Bereavement Services will tell you more.
I could not find Violet in City Road or Hutcliffe Wood. regards Christine

Re: Electoral Rolls

Hi Christine,
Many thanks for the info and cremation reference for Colin Samuel Roberts and for all your efforts to try and locate his wife Violet.
I will follow through on the info you have given me.

Thanks again,
Wendy in Guelph:sleuth_or_spy:

Re: Electoral Rolls

Hi Christine,

I now have feedback from bereavement services. They could only tell me that Colin's ashes were scattered at Hutcliffe Wood in the Autumn Section. I was surprised to hear ashes were still being scattered in the mid-eighties.

I have a possible theory for you not finding any further info about Colin's wife, Violet; maybe she was cremated and her ashes returned to Surrey, where she was born and lived most of her life.

Thanks again for your help
Wendy in Guelph:sleuth_or_spy: