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British citizenship

My grandfather was born in the US to British parents, who were from Sheffield. The family lived in Sheffield for about 4 years in the 1920s and I believe my great-grandparents died as British citizens although they spent a good portion of their lives in the US. Where could I check to see if my grandfather's parents registered his birth as a foreign birth?

On a ship log entering Liverpool in the 1920s, he is listed as a British citizen. I realize this may have been an error, or noted for convenience but it has made me curious. He is deceased and no one living knows whether he had British citizenship or not.

Thank you

Re: British citizenship

Hi Maureen,

His birth would have to have been registered with one of the British Consulates in the USA.

Have a look at this Website it may give one for the city where he was born.

british consulate offices in the usa

Elaine in Ottawa Canada.

PS. It may be easier to check what it says on later USA census than go the consulate route.
Ancestry might be able to answer the question. Your local library may be able to help there.

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Re: British citizenship

I have a pretty robust family tree, but I've spent most of my time researching my Irish side. I have multiple years of u.s. census records for my grandfather and they all say he's a u.s. citizen. I just have these ship logs that say he was british that I find intriguing.

I'm not sure where to start for checking if he was a dual citizen, the census records in the u.s. would probably just say u.s. citizen not dual.

The family lived on Falmouth rd in sheffield in the 1920s, do you know which parish and schools this would cover? My grandfather lived there while he was aged 5-9 or so, and would have been enrolled in schools, etc.

thank you

Re: British citizenship

Hi Maurene,

Falmouth RD lies between Carter Knowle Road & Abbeydale Road. Sheffield 7.

Try Google and I am sure you will find it.

The 1911 census is the last census England has released but as you have stated the family were NOT in Sheffield at that time. If they the parents were from Sheffield I would suspect that we might have better luck finding them.

Were they Roman Catholics by any chance.
The Anglican Church is St Peter that covered Abbeydale. Unfortunately it was closed in 2001 and demolished in 2003.

Though we have some school admission records not all schools deposited their registers with the Archives/Education Office. I can not see one for Abbeydale School.

I would search for his birth in the States and that would make it more plausible that he was indeed a US citizen.

Elaine in Ottawa Canada.

PS if you would like us to search for him or his parents names and dates are a must.

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