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In the Parish Records under "Baptisms" on here, I've found several of my Norton great aunts/uncles which is great, I actually met some of them. Is there anywhere I can find details of their Godparents seeing as it gives the page reference number on there?

Marlene C

Re: Baptisms

Morning Marlene,

If you could give us a name so we can see whats what please.

I am more or less sure that the godparents would have only applied where the RC churches were concerned. Is there a Tilde (~) in the area where that godparents would have shown?
That means there is no further information.

Elaine in Ottawa.

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Re: Baptisms

Hi Marlene/Elaine,

I was baptised at St. George, Brook Hill in 1950 and it gives the details of
my Godparents and their addresses. I don't know when they started doing this


Re: Baptisms

Hi Marlene/Moira,

Just looked at St Philips baptisms and up to 1913 which is as far as my fiche go there is no column where godparents where listed. These forms were pretty standard by this time

I believe that the St James "Norton" PRs were completed by us a number of years ago (1910) and I would doubt if they had godparents listed. I dont have the original copies that we used so can't check further. How about phoning the church Marlene and see if they can help. If the years you were looking at have been deposited already then they will be at the Archives.

Elaine in Ottawa

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Re: Baptisms

Hi Elaine/Moira,

Many thanks for your replies.
The Baptisms I'm interested in are Edith Norton and her 3 siblings:
NORTON, Edith (of 15 Summerfield St, born 1894-11-15).
Baptised October 5, 1896, by George W Turner at St Jude, Eldon Street.
Parents name(s) are Ada & Frederick Arthur (Grinder).
Note: ~
Godparents: ~ :Page No 10 :Reg No 76

As I knew 3 of them I was interested in who their God parents were to perhaps add some more information to my Norton line.
The times you've told us about the "tilde" Elaine, I should have remembered what it meant.
Thank you anyway.

Marlene C.

Re: Baptisms


I have checked the original page and confirm that no godparents names are given


Re: Baptisms

Hi Vicki,

Many thanks for looking this up, it's much appreciated.
Elaine, I must remember the "Tilde" in future, thanks for that.

Marlene C.

Re: Baptisms

By and large, Anglican registers only began to record godparents after the last war. The Norton registers also have a few entries from the late 16th century where some godparents are recorded, but only among the gentry families: perhaps they just wanted their social contacts to be noted!