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Marriage records

Hi, on the marriage records what does residing OTC mean.
Thanks fin

Re: Marriage records

Hi Finlay.

Are you sure it says OTC and not OTP which is "Of this parish"

Perhaps you could give us an example.


Re: Marriage records

Hi angela, on the marriage record for alice greaves to Nicholas Morton 1726 at st Nicholas Bradfield it reads residing at otc,i think it will mean of this parish but thought I would check.

Thanks fin

Re: Marriage records

Possibly Of This Chapelry


Re: Marriage records

Hi Finlay,

I believe this is the marriage you are interested in.

Morton, Nicholas (~, age ~, ~, residing at OTC).
Married Alice Greaves, on July 31, 1726, by ~ (Banns) at
St Nicholas, Bradfield a Chapelry of Ecclesfield. Father's name is ~ (~).
Married in the presence of .

As others have noted the OTC does indeed mean of this Chapelry.
Bradfield was a Chapelry of Ecclesfield until 1868.

To help you and others when I searched for this marriage I noted that it didn't show up in our search. When I searched again this is what I noted.

If I put Bradfield in the area box three Nicholas Mortons showed but not the 1726 one.

BY searching with St Nicholas Brad* Nicholas Morton it showed up.

When we transcribed these records the heading for a few of these early marriages after 1723 was Bradfield Chapelry of Ecclesfield.

BY using the WILD Card * and using Brad* all four Nicholas Morton's showed up as you can see from the above info.

My suggestion is to use the Wild Card option always.
The Tilde ~ by the way means there is no further information.

Hope that explains our logic. LOL.

Elaine in Ottawa.

**Follow up.**

This problem with the "area cell" only occurs with the marriages from 1723-1732. For Bradfield only.

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