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George & Herbert RAWSON

I am trying to trace my great uncles, Herbert Rawson born June 1885 and George Rawson born February 1889. Their parents were Herbert and Mary Rawson nee Carlan/Carolan.

Unfortunately, Herbert died in december 1888, a couple of months before George was born.
Mary remarried the following year to a James Horan and on the 1891 Census, they and their brother Thomas Henry (born in 1887), my grandad, were listed as stepsons of James.

However, by the 1901 census, James is listed as living at the Old Ball Inn, Hawley Croft, with his and Mary's 10 year old son Walter.

Mary is living alone and their is no mention of her sons. My grandfather told me he left home at a very early age, perhaps 13/14 years old and he is on the 1901 Census as a foster child in Morecambe Lancashire.

I am curious to know if Herbert and George were taken into care. Did they even have a social programme in those days. I can't find a death certificate for either of them or any further records after this date.
I live in Canada, so I rely on the internet, but not everything is online.
Thank you
Verna Sorrentino

Re: George & Herbert RAWSON

According to Free BMD George Lawrence Rawson died in Sheffield in 1892 age 2. Is that your George?
Also the same source has Herbert Rawson died Sheffield age 64 in Sheffield in 1949. Is that your Herbert?
Also Herbert Rawson born 1885 is on the 1939 register in Sheffield with Annie Elizabeth Rawson born 1886

Re: George & Herbert RAWSON

Hello Dave,
thanks for getting back to me regarding my question about George and Herbert Rawson.
Honestly, I thought that George Lawrence was going to be MY George Lawrence because he's actually buried in the same grave in St. Michael's cemetery as Herbert (1860-1888)

My George was baptized Georgius Franciscus and not George Lawrence. I can find a record of George Lawrence Rawson born in 1889, but doesn't say who his parents are.
My George is only a baptismal record under the name of Georgius Franciscus and it gives his parents names. Can't find a birth certificate.

On the other hand, Georgius Franciscus had a godfather named Laurence Flanaghan, so the possibility of George L being my great uncle is good.
As to Herbert, I just don't know. I've followed so many wrong tracks, I'm getting really confused. Too many Herbert Rawsons
I will follow up on this one that you mentioned though
My grandfather never wanted to speak about his family at all. Only to say his childhood was not a happy one. I really wish I'd pushed a bit more. I know have four grandchildren who are interested in their ancestors, so I'm trying to make up for lost time.
thanks again

Re: George & Herbert RAWSON

All the info you need is in that one grave at at St Michaels. You will find that in the burials here over to the left. Coupling all those different deaths to their births on GRO index shows that in that one grave are:
Herbert Rawson and his two infant sons George L (mmn CARLAN from GRO ) and John William (mmn CARLON from GRO)
Also the following Horan infants, all born and died between the 1891 and 1901 censuses and all mmn CARLAN from GRO :
Martin (twin brother of Walter)
Twins Agnes Ellen and Margaret Ann
Mary Lucy
John William
In addition ,in the same grave, Bridget Carlin died age 61 In 1900. GRO records that death as CARLAN. She must be Mary's mother.
The addresses of the various people who died and are together in that grave shows when and how they moved around.

Going back on your earlier question about the possibility of Herbert going into care: in 1900 when you grandfather was 13, Herbert would be 16, more than old enough to be out at work and away from parental home. School leaving age was 12.

Re: George & Herbert RAWSON

Hi Verna,
I agree with Dave's findings. I realize your George was baptized Georgius Franciscus but registered as George Lawrence, but I have several ancestors that were christened with one name and registered with another, so I'd keep an open mind about that. I think these are the burial records for Herbert, his wife and his mother Mary(Carlin Rawson)Horan. There is a newspaper article about James Horan going to prison for 35 days for not maintaining his wife in June 1903.
HORAN, Mary (Widow, age 75).
Died at St Elizabeths Home, Heeley Bank Rd; Buried on July 6, 1935 in Roman Catholic ground;
Grave Number 3683, Section GG of City Road Cemetery, Sheffield.
Parent or Next of Kin if Available: ~. Remarks: .

RAWSON, Annie Elizabeth (Wife of Herbert, age 62).
Died at Nether Edge Hospital; Buried on January 25, 1949 in Roman Catholic ground;
Grave Number 3683, Section GG of City Road Cemetery, Sheffield.
Parent or Next of Kin if Available: ~. Remarks: ~.

RAWSON, Herbert (Labourer, age 64).
Died at Royal Hospital; Buried on October 17, 1949 in Roman Catholic ground;
Grave Number 3683, Section GG of City Road Cemetery, Sheffield.
Parent or Next of Kin if Available: ~. Remarks: ~.

Re: George & Herbert RAWSON


To add to Helens & Daves findings the four boys were all baptised as Catholics and registered at the GRO between 1883 & 1899. All with the mothers maiden name of CARLON.

You can check this for yourself at the General Register Office site. Its free by the way.

Elaine in Ottawa.

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Re: George & Herbert RAWSON

Thank you so much. This answers so many questions.
I really appreciate your help.

Re: George & Herbert RAWSON

Thanks Helen. I was confused about George Lawrence and George Franciscus, your explanation cleared things up for me.
Your help is much appreciated.

Re: George & Herbert RAWSON

Hi Elaine in Ottawa
Many thanks for the information. I had no idea that they had four boys, thought it was only three. I seem to have spent a lot of money on various websites when I probably should have been using the GRO.
Much appreciated
I will be checking this first from now on.
Verna in Vancouver

Re: George & Herbert RAWSON

From FreeBMD Herbert Rawson married Annie E Heffren reg Sheffield 1919. There are no Rawson children with mmn Heffren showing on FreeBMD so either Heffren was not her maiden name or there were no children.

Re: George & Herbert RAWSON

Well done Dave Thank you again