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Burial ???

I am trying to find out where some of my relatives might have been buried. They lived near the bottom of Cemetery Road but don't come up in the Burial Records. A little insight as to why this might be would be gratefully received.

Re: Burial ???

There could be many reasons why you do not find their burials on this site. Perhaps they were cremated? Also there are many burials (CofE and non conformist) inSheffield which are not available on this site. Between us we can access many other sources.
If you provide names and (approx) dates I am sure we will be able to help.

Re: Burial ???


Thank you for your reply. I thought that they would likely be buried in the nearest graveyard to where they lived - St. Mary's on Bramall Lane or City Road. Would this not be the case? These are three of the names I'm looking for - Polly Toulson d 1913. Florence Toulson d 1905 and Edward Stevenson d 1931/2.
Thank you for your help.


Re: Burial ???

Hello Pat,

Nothing on the NBI CD-ROM.

Pollie Toulson 1913 b 1895 City Rd on FMP.


Re: Burial ???

Cemetery Road is named for the General Cemetery. Florence is buried there:

Consecrated Portion
section V2 grave 7
died 08 Nov 1905
buried 13 Nov 1905
Florence Toulson 34y Pauper Ecclesall Union

This looks like a public grave with 12 burials, 11 different surnames


Re: Burial ???

Thank you Terry and Hugh. That's brilliant. I'm very grateful.