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Francis Hawley

Hi I know that my great grandfather Francis Hawley of 77 Vainor Road Sheffield. Died on the 22nd Jan 1952 I have been trying to find out if he was burried Ior cremated I have got his death certificates but that is all we know for him. his wife Sarah Jane Hawley was burried in Burngreave Cemetery also his parents are bur there as well I have checked with them and no record for Francis. I am at a lost here with him as my grandmother is no longer alive we cannot ask her . Any help would be appreciated even any newspaper mention of his death
Thanks Sharon

Re: Francis Hawley

Hello Sharron
A Francis Hawley, aged 84, was cremated in City Road Crematorium on 25th Jan 1952. His cremation number is 12536. Bereavement Services can tell you what happened to his ashes. regards Christine Steers. ps the information is from an Index book for the actual registers held by Bereavement Services.

Re: Francis Hawley

Hi Christine
Thank you very much for that information I give them a ring on Monday then

Re: Francis Hawley

Just another question could you tell me about Sarah Edith Hawley she was his daughter and died on the 4 September 1955 was she also cremated as I have not found anything for her either she also lived at 77 vainor road
Thanks for any help