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Glossop Road in 1841 Census


I'm trying to work out why my Ancestor Elizabeth Webster appears in the 1841 Census as a 6 year old apparently living with her brother William Webster who is only 2. I know that there were many issues and inaccuracies with this census but wondered if this could be part of a workhouse as now close to the site of the Northern General Hospital (Fir View) ?

Any help much appreciated as I can't unpick this part of my family tree, despite lots of effort!

(Piece #1333/4, folio 44b, enumeration district 5.)

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Re: Glossop Road in 1841 Census

Hi Matt,

There appears to be a female servant with them called Mary Smith, aged 20-24yrs.
The entries above and below have the head of households as merchants, so I don't
think they are in a workhouse.

If I have found the right baptisms for Elizabeth and John, the parents are
William and Elizabeth and on John's baptism, the father William is a merchant.
Perhaps they were not in Sheffield at the time of the 1841 census and the children were left in the care of Mary Smith.


Re: Glossop Road in 1841 Census

Hi Matt, have you tried the 1841 site here? I tried Elizabeth and she didn't show however when I put in Mary Smith there she was along with William and Elizabeth and a further 22 names all on {Piece #1333/4, folio 44b, enumeration district 5}
Don't know if this helps.
Regards Barry Green

Re: Glossop Road in 1841 Census

Hi Matt/Barry,

I am having problems pulling up the Folio number on our transcription for some reason.

I have to go out and after a very quick look at my originals I notice there is the Old Barracks on Glossop Road. Could that be why the children seem to be with Mary Smith.

Have to go out now but will see what I find later today if your question has not been answered.

Elaine in Ottawa.

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Re: Glossop Road in 1841 Census

Thanks Moira

Re: Glossop Road in 1841 Census

Thanks Barry

Re: Glossop Road in 1841 Census

Thanks Elaine

Re: Glossop Road in 1841 Census

Hi Matt,

I have been able to turn the Entry for Elizabeth & William on our site as well as the Original.

Not saying I am correct but........

Could it be that the household on Glossop Road was split up incorrectly by the enumerator.
Have the / & // slashes been placed in the wrong places.

If you look at the entry starting with Maria Kirkby aged 55 Ind. born Yks. Head of Household.
Then comes Samuel Kirkby aged 35 Merchant (probably a son)
Maria Kirkby aged 25 (Daughter in law?)
Hannah Kirkby 15 (daughter?)
Then we have the single slash / which closes off the household with the same name.
Next is Mary Hibberd aged 25 F.S.
Followed by what would be the Normal end of ALL household members. //

Now comes the leap of faith.

/Elizabeth Webster aged 6
William Webster aged 2
//Mary Smith F.S. aged 20

Could Elizabeth & William be children of Maria's from an earlier marriage?
I could only find one William born in Sheffield in 1839 that was registered. Mothers M.N. Booth.

Dont forget that all adults on the 1841 census were supposed to have their ages rounded down to the nearest 5 or 0. Making Maria 25 to 29.

I have not traced a Kirkby & Booth marriage which might prove my theory.

BUT thats the fun of it all.

Elaine in Ottawa.

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Re: Glossop Road in 1841 Census

Hi Moira/Matt

Does this lead us anywhere? Taken from our Directories over to the left Matt.

WEBSTER, William (Qualifying property, House and Shops, Sycamore Street).
Address: Glossop Road, Sheffield in 1843 - 1844.
Recorded in: Sheffield Burgess Rolls.

WEBSTER, William (Qualifying property, Warehouse & shops, Sycamore Street).
Address: Shirle Hill, Sheffield in 1864-65.
Recorded in: Sheffield Burgess Rolls.

Could Elizabeth the mother some how be related to Maria Kirkby snr.


The enumerator messed up the census and added only the children and Mary Smith. Having left the parents off completely.

The 1851 census might explain what has happened. That would be my next move Matt.

Elaine in Ottawa

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Re: Glossop Road in 1841 Census

Hi Matt et al,

I cannot help with the 1841 census but as Elaine suggested there may be more info on subsequent ones.
Possible scenarios:
1851- Elizabeth Webster B:1835 is a scholar at a private school, St.Mary's, Thurlow Place, Lambeth, Surrey.
Her parents, William (a merchant) & Eliz, brother William and 3 servants, in 1851 are at Broomhill Terrace, Sheffield.

1861- The whole family are re-united under one roof at Cherrytree Hill, William listed as a manufacturer of cutlery.

10th Dec/1875- there is a death in a British newspaper for Elizabeth Webster, parents, Elizabeth & William Webster.

William B:1839 goes on to marry Georgina Beaumont and takes over the family business of cutlery manufacturing.

Happy Hunting

Re: Glossop Road in 1841 Census

Hi Wendy and friends,

Your info matches what I had followed up with. I was leaving it to some of you super sleuths to present it. LOL.

This family would have been very wealthy so I would imagine that their history would have been well known in the family. I believe William snr had 50+ men working for him.

I would just like to point out to newer researchers that when researching you have to look at the census prior to and after the dates you are interested in. If your info is incorrect prior to when these census started researching will be even harder prior to 1841. Off my soap box.:older_woman:

Elaine in Ottawa.

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Re: Glossop Road in 1841 Census

There is quite a lot of information in Tweedales Directory of Cutlery Manufacturers about this company.


Re: Glossop Road in 1841 Census

Hi all
I agree with the census findings that Wendy found for Elizabeth Webster b.1835. I do not think the death that was stated in 1875 is correct. The newspaper report is for a 4 year old.
In 1866 William Webster senior b.1804 died and is buried in Ecclesall All Saints.

In 1871, Elizabeth Webster widow and mother b.1801 Huddersfield is living at Park Lane.
Living with her
Elizabeth Webster Head 1801 b.Huddersfield
Elizabeth Turner Daughter 1835 b.Sheffield
Alice E Turner Granddaughter 1863 b.Sheffield
Edith J Turner Granddaughter 1865
plus servants

Probable marriage- Elizabeth Webster to John Kent Turner 12 Nov 1861 at Sheffield Cathedral.


Re: Glossop Road in 1841 Census

Hi Elaine, Sue et al,

OOPS...!! Mea Culpa. Point taken Elaine. Thanks for the enlightenment Sue.

Cheers, Wendy:disappointed: :sleuth_or_spy: