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Cause of death: A Wearing !

A son of my 5 x great grandparents died in Wentworth in 1786. The cause of death was 'A Wearing'. Does anyone have any idea what that means? Other entries in the register are more obvious, such as 'A Cancer', 'A Dropsy','Natural Decay', 'Consumption' etc. He was only 21. Thanks.

Re: Cause of death: A Wearing !

Hi Karen,

This site may help.

Not able to find my old standby of "Old' Medical terms. Maybe someone else will help.

Elaine in Ottawa.

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Re: Cause of death: A Wearing !

Hi Elaine

Thanks for that link. I found the following:

"In addition, eight deaths were listed as caused by "Decay" and eleven deaths were listed as caused by a "Wearing", "Long Affliction", "Pain and Sickness", "Afflicted 10 years", "Long Disease", "Disease and Always", "Feverish Decline", "Awaisting", "Weakened", "Cronical" and a 6 year old who is listed as dying from "3-year-old illness". I feel that these deaths could be described as "Decline"."

I would therefore assume it was an illness that he had had for some time and it gradually wore him down !

His twin brother also died at the age of 21 of Consumption. Sad.