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St Thomas Cemetery Kimberworth

I am trying to find out which area No2 ground is as my 2nd great grandparents are burried here George Turner died 23 May 1920 and burried on the 27th May .
I have been in touch with someone from the church and no one is sure where no2 ground starts and ends as apparently the grave number was not put on the receipt for the grave. Any information would be helpful as I would like to get a photo of the grave if possible

Re: St Thomas Cemetery Kimberworth

Just been looking at your maps of Moorgate. Cemetery and I see there is a number 2 ground there could they have been burried in there at all as no one knows where no 2 ground is ?
At st thomas

Re: St Thomas Cemetery Kimberworth

Hi Sharon,

Have you tried asking for help from:-

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Re: St Thomas Cemetery Kimberworth

Hi Sharon,

The burial registers for Kimberworth St Thomas available from Rotherham FHS only go up to 1903 so they are well before the dates you're after.

Having looked at the MIs for St Thomas' there are several Turners listed but only two George Turners, one in 1883 and the other 2001.

On the plan of the cemetery there's no area 2 shown. Around the church is shown as "Old Ground" so presumably the newer part may possibly be classed as area 2 but each section within that newer part is referred to as Section A etc so that's just a guess.

Sorry it's not more helpful in your search.



Re: St Thomas Cemetery Kimberworth

Thank you Nigel yes even after an email from the church even the current grave digger does not know where this area is. So I think if I ever get over I will have to go and check ever grave I have got the blurrier re ord and it only lists no 2 . I think it will take some looking at when I can get over as I live in Lincolnshire I did see a map of the Cemetery and saw it listed the letters