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Eckington and staveley parish record sites.

Does anyone know if it is possible to access the Ridgeway, Eckington and Staveley parish records sites since Rootsweb/Ancestry have withdrawn them? I know that in theory they are accessible via Ancestry but I am finding it more and more difficult to search and get sensible results.There is just too much extraneous information.

Susan P Giller

Re: Eckington and staveley parish record sites.

Hi Susan,

I can't answer your question but Rootsweb has had problems over the past year and is only now managing to get some of their mailing lists back up and running. i.e. YORKSGEN.

Could the Staveley/Eckington still be in the backlog to go on line?

Elaine in Ottawa.

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Re: Eckington and staveley parish record sites.

Hi Elaine

The message site is back on line but still no sign of the parish records.


Re: Eckington and staveley parish record sites.

Susan, can you please give an example of someone you are searching for who is giving you a problem on Ancestry?

Re: Eckington and staveley parish record sites.

Hi Susan.

I have the Ridgeway records on disc. If that is any help to you.

Dave the records are not part of the Ancestry collection. These records were transcribed by myself and David Boaler and are hosted by Ancestry.

Re: Eckington and staveley parish record sites.

I've also found the same problem with the Cutlers' records (linked from Indexers), & have emailed Ancestry regarding these & the Ridgeway site -but no definitive answer yet.


Re: Eckington and staveley parish record sites.

Good Morning all and thankyou for your replies.

I particularly wanted to see the transcriptions for Staveley as I have a family that was moving from Eckington to Staveley and Dronfield. One branch, the Rother(h)ams are quite well known and not too much of a problem but I am trying to research the wives and mother's on my line and that is where I am struggling. Recently my computer did an update and since then my access to Ancestry has been very difficult. They werent much help, so an outside source is important. Ancestry have Eckington and Dronfield parish registers on line but the search system can be iffy and they only have a few transcriptions for Staveley.

I am trying to research Hannah Collis who married John Rotherham in Sheffield in 1809 and died before the 1841 census, probably buried in 1831 in Dronfield. The couple lived for a while in Dronfield and later in Staveley. I believe that she was the daughter of John Collis born 20 April 1746 in Staveley to Elizabeth Collis and John Handcock. (IGI).

If anyone can go further back I would be grateful.
Thankyou Susan