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St. Matthias School

Can anyone tell me where I might find the school records for St. Matthias School from around 1915 to 1935? The schoold doesn't appear to be listed on this site.

Re: St. Matthias School


There is a guide on the Sheffield Archives site listing all the records available at Sheffield Archives for schools. There is no mention of St Matthias. Is/was the school known by any other name?
Not all school records survive or have been deposited with archives.


Re: St. Matthias School

Hi Angela,

Thanks for your reply. Both my mother and my sister attended this school and if you go to Sheffield Forum site this is one of the topics with posts by various pupils over the years. I think it must have closed down in the 1960s but this is a guess. It certainly doesn't exist now and it doesn't seem to be on any lists that I can find.It was on Parliament Street/ Napier Street just off Summerfield Street. No-one seems to refer to it by any other name. It's a mystery.


Re: St. Matthias School

Hi Pat,

According to the National Archives there are certificates of attendance for 1934, 1938 and 1939 for St Mathias' Mixed School (which I'm assuming is the same one you're after) held at Sheffield Archives:

They're only just inside the timescale you're interested in but you may get lucky!

Fingers crossed :slightly_smiling_face: