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Montreal 1865 marriages

Hello, I am wondering if anyone can let me know if I can get any further information (marriage certificate etc) for a marriage between James Dyer and Mary Fitzgerald in Montreal, Canada in 1865. They are my gg-grandparents (I believe)James was stationed in Canada with the 63rd Foot regiment at this time so it is possible that it is them, but I would like to make sure - I can find no other marriages in the UK, so am hoping it is them. I have contacted the Quebec administration but never got a reply, so wonder if anyone has any other ideas ?

Thank you in anticipation !


Re: Montreal 1865 marriages

Hi Jo

I've found the marriage at St James Methodist Church, Montreal via Ancestry. I've emailed you the image.


Re: Montreal 1865 marriages

Thank you Clare, thats very kind of you. I am still unsure if it is them though, as although Mary was born in Ireland, James (although born to irish parents) was born in Hull according to all the other documentation ... he was stationed in Ireland though so that may be the reason for the location of Bally... It does state he was a soldier though, so that is true(if it is them !) Interesting !

Re: Montreal 1865 marriages

You're welcome. It does certainly fit with James being a soldier. Did they remain in Canada for a while or return to the UK/Ireland?

Re: Montreal 1865 marriages

Hi Claire

They stayed in Canada for about a little longer I believe,their first daughter was born in Aldershot in 1866 (around April time) but moved all over the world after that, including a long stint in India where three more of their daughters were born.